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Quantum 242 – Cancelled!

Welcome to all the new listeners!  We have seen the number listening in the past few weeks go up 25%

This weeks Quantum   includes  cancel culture – ironically having prepared this theme I was ‘cancelled’ on Monday by Twitter (please feel free to tweet this out on our behalf!)  – including Eminem; Submarines (Australia) ; Sex education (England); Dr Jeret Kok (Tasmania); Van Morrison; Paul Murphy (Ireland); Joe Biden on Trans (US);  Bernard Randall (UK); Jack the Colorado Baker (US); the Oscars;  the London Review of Books; and Hillsong.

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  1. Is missionary activity among Aborigines still legally permitted ? If so , how is it going so far , conversion wise ?

    1. This isn’t the only organisation, and Indigenous ministry isn’t their only focus, but have a look at Bush Church Aid Society’s website. It’ll give you an idea of some of what’s happening in regional and rural Australia.

  2. My question had some Colonial relevance , viz. the brilliant Scottish jurist who wrote the Malaysian Constitution , Lord Reid of Drem , incorporated a clause which makes unlawful the evangelization of Muslim Malays.

  3. Just a bit concerned over David’s comments about Hillsong people this week. Is it wise to take up the antagonist claims against Hillsong, when his claims haven’t been verified, Hillsong denies them, and you haven’t heard their defense?
    Otherwise, very glad for David’s insights on many issues.

    1. I have heard the defence and have also seen some of the documents. It would be good to see what the defence is for such excessive expenditure (which is not denied)….which of the facts do you think are not true…

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