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Prayer for Scotland 4 – Conversion Therapy

In the midst of the debate for Scottish First Minister an issue has come up which at first sight appears trivial – but is the most important of all. In this longer episode, we look at what Humza Yousaf and the Scottish government are proposing on Conversion Therapy….it is not what you might think….


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  1. Thanks for the video. This is very sad. You make some good arguments. Are they listening? I suspect they are not – but why? Their argument is also quite illogical and hypocritical in many many ways. You can’t suppress a person’s sexual orientation but it is okay to suppress your faith? You can’t be a homophobe but it is okay to be a Christphobe and biblephobe? You cant hate us but promoting your views but we can hate you and promote our views? They have so many contradictions. Scotland and much of the west is under judgment. It feels almost like Revelation 20:8 and Daniel 7:25 at present. In your opinion, what should Christians do?

  2. Thank you David, again. Those who love and have their trust in the Lord Jesus must all be united boldly and fervently in continual prayer against those anti Christian laws being promoted. We must all be doers of God’s word.

  3. This makes me weep…no words really. I am grateful for you keeping folks like myself informed David, in a way that brings a clearer insight into what is really going on, though I have no doubt that it is not without personal cost to you yourself, emotional and otherwise. I hope that encourages. 🙏

  4. What should Anglicans do? Our Church has been torn apart by evangelical abusers (see and wacky liberals who deny biblical-biological truth, or promote heresies across a range of moral and theological topics. Whether to leave or stay is a tough one, but I certainly am minimising contributions to the Church, even while remaining a communicant member for the minute. ‘God made them male and female’ was even part of today’s communion liturgy, yet radical revisers may want to strike that line out (or ignore it)! Some years ago I attended an evangelical Anglican Church in an impoverished city area. The colourful minister was ex-armed forces and unafraid to speak about “carrot and onions”, which amused the older ladies. Although it was mischievous and good humoured, he made a regular point, about the absolute reality of gender differences. Do we maybe need a lot more plain speaking on gender, so called “conversion therapy ” and termination of pregnancy? The Church can get into a tailspin of drivel and keeping eyes on the basic facts is really important: whether XX v. XY or NHS website’s Dating Scan image of the unborn at 3 months.

  5. David,

    If it quells your fear somewhat orientation doesn’t mean age of attraction, but sex of attraction. Conversion therapy laws are not about allowing pedophiles free reign.

    I kind of wish UK and Scottish governments would do this a bit more piecemeal as in some US states. Here in Maine its illegal to practice conversion therapy on a child if you are a licensed medical professional because children cannot consent. It still got condemned by religious Conservatives, but it was far clearer what was actually banned.

    Part of the trouble really is that we are working from a culture that in the recent past saw gay children as fair game for any sort of horror, including electrocution and all the rest of it. We have mostly rejected that in our culture to the extent that now it’s not really taken credibly that sort of stuff is even still practiced, but our laws don’t protect against it. We do need something to protect from horrible treatment of LGBT people

    1. No it doesn’t. Thats just not true. Sexual orientation is not just about gender. Paedophilia is a sexual orientation – as is bestiality, sado-masochism, necrophilia etc… You need to take your time before commenting. If you had listened to it….you would be aware that the proposal is that adults cannot consent to conversion therapy – and the bill is not about therapists – but anyone….it would be illegal for parents, pastors, friends, teachers to seek to change, suppress or inhibit ANY form of sexuality or sexual expression. And please don’t play the electrocution card – no one is arguing for that – or anything like it..

      1. David

        What is there currently to ban a conversion therapist from taking a gay teen and electrocuting them?

        I read a horrific account of exactly that from the 70s. The teen was given the choice of weekly electrocution or not being allowed to take his school exams (I think alevels). Like it or not you are currently arguing against a law to prevent that happening again. Easy for you to say it wouldn’t happen!

  6. Twenty three years ago, I was fighting this evil. I got the feeling then that very few others cared. I gave up in 2006, when my then wife died a couple of days after a setback in the European Court of Human Rights.

    Recently a smattering of brethren have wanted to fight my long lost cause, sutting the stable door after the horse has bolted. May God answer their prayers. My prayer is that I might be allowed to join their armies, unpopular though I may be.

    I’m not expecting David, or those terrified by his welcome but maybe-too-late warnings, to be keen to listen to any advice I might have as to how to stay out of prison, now that push has come to shove, as I foresaw it would 20 years ago, so I’ll wait to be asked before I sound off.

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