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Pray for Scotland 3 – Poverty or Pronouns?

Why is poverty not a major part of the Scottish election? Which is more important poverty or pronouns? We also look at The Herald’s attempt to fake a photo of Kate Forbes and the bible . And the real answer to poverty as explained through the example of Charleston Community Church….

Pray for Scotland 2 – Same Sex Marriage


  1. World War One collapsed faith in Europe way more than Science or Evolution. World War Two drew a focus onto the absolute reality of evil. A old Scots soldier, recently widowed, and in poor health, made a beeline for me one Remembrance Day. He said it was a joy to see one more (perhaps final) commemoration. He recounted distress in the fight from Normandy to Germany. He told me his cynicism lifted, when he entered a concentration camp at the war’s end, and he knew the struggle had been totally honourable. After the terror of World War Two, the UK fixed up state pension-council housing-NHS. It’s sad how policy has now cynically drifted onto incessant nonsense about gender and sexuality, while people freeze or starve, and die on waiting lists. As an Anglican, our Church empire of buildings and investments, plus an army of administrators and box tickers, does not inspire confidence. Do we just mirror the government’s cynical contempt for real people and poverty?

  2. Nothing surprises me about the Herald !!

    I was a Herald reader from the time it was the Glasgow Herald . I benefited from quality journalism and excellent writers , like Murray Ritchie and Graham Spiers. Then they shot themselves it the foot . They sacked their Opinion writer for submitting his opinion ( after it had been passed by the Night Editor) for publication .

    Whether one agreed with the Opinion Writers view , or not , the Herald lost this reader ,and many more , so this type of trick shows the level that it has reached.

  3. This photo-frame is iniquitous. I wait with expectation a picture of Humza with the Koran and some others with Marx’s Das Kapital

  4. Nothing about poverty because SNP will never admit that we are in poverty.
    Do not forget Craigmillar next to my golf course. It is as bad as your Dundee.
    These kids steal all our golf balls.

  5. Poverty , says the Woke Left , is the result of Capitalism . The Marxists forget that before Capitalism , poverty was the default position for the vast majority of people .

    China is a fine example of Capitalism’s ability to raise living standards while abandonment of that system results in Venezuela – style equality – in – degradation.

    Poverty is natural . It is wealth and capital accretion that require explication.

  6. It’s easy to police pronouns. It’s hard to fix poverty and would probably mean offending important people.

  7. Related to this I note on Twitter you pointed out that 1 in 4 Scottish children are growing up in poverty and that the only candidate speaking about this is Kate Forbes.

    Statistics from Brephos – a Christian ministry campaigning around abortion – are that 1 in 4 babies are deliberately killed in the womb through abortion. Again 1 in 4….

    It might not be a priority of the media or political parties, but it is easy to campaign on the eradication of poverty. it is an attractive message.

    However, it takes guts to campaign about abortion. That isn’t a popular message.

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