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Quantum 216 – The Post Queen World

What will the death of Queen Elizabeth mean for the world?  We look at reactions and discussion on this.   With Queen, John Anderson, Charles Moore, The New York Times, Gavin Ashenden, Zadok the Priest, Ben Judah, Oliver Cromwell and Charles 1, Liz Truss, the Muir of Ord Chippie, Patrick Harvie, Adam Bandt, Caitlain Moran, an Aboriginal Elder, King Charles, St Giles, Karen Matheson, Tim Farron, Tim Keller, Keith and Krsyten Getty and Stuart Townend – and of course, the Queen!

Quantum 202 – The Queen

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  1. The last 70 years have shown us quite conclusively that a nation cannot maintain the fruits of Christian teaching without maintaining the roots. The secular notion that all religions, or no religion at all, can provide the same moral framework as Christianity has been utterly disastrous for the West and I cannot see any way back from the abyss for our civilisation. Humanist traditions and other religions haven’t got the moral substance or authority that faith in Jesus has.

    As far as I can tell, the foundational lie which sits at the heart of secular ‘morality’ is the notion that human beings are basically good and can find our own way. I don’t think any other philosophy has been quite so destructive in all of history. It’s like trying to set up a village in some remote part of the jungle and saying “Yeah, snakes are basically harmless”, when all knowledge and experience about snakes says the opposite, and then wondering why people keep dropping dead after snake bites.

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