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Quantum 202 – The Queen

In this weeks Quantum we look at the world through the eyes of Queen Elizabeth’s 70th celebration.   Stories, Christianity, To Kiss the Water, and Paddington bear.  Queen.   Also Prince William on climate change;  EU directive on Executive jetsdefender of the faith; Yes Prime Minister;  a new blasphemy law in Britain; The Republicans response in Scotland and Australia;  The Sex Pistols; the BBC changes rape victim’s testimony; Solzhenitsyn;  What is a Woman by Matt Walsh; Dire Straits –  Sultans of Swing – Alchemy; Peter Hitchen’s radical idea; Handal’s Messiah;

Catch up with Quantum – Quantum 201 – Fodder for the Masses; Pride; and Chariots of Fire

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We know they are lying,

they know they are lying,

they know we know they are lying,

we know they know we know they are lying,

but they are still lying.

Aleksandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn




  1. Ah ha! So, you have discovered the best live track of all time!
    Dire Straits Sultans of Swing from Alchemy has been my number 1 for decades. Nothing comes close for me.

    Thanks for the range of material David, keep up the good work.

  2. Many many good quotes, audios and insights, David .., and can’t respond to them all .., however one quote from the very first Director General of the BBC does stick…
    The scenario was in a meeting with many of the Oxbridge educated producers on upcoming programming.., and when they got to the so-called ‘God slot’ as one of the sart alec producers suggested…
    Lord Reith then said to him, and with all the others in mind…
    ‘My dear fellow.., The Church of Jesus Christ will be at the graveside of the BBC and every other vaccuous organisation in our bankrupt society..!’…
    How prophetic then and how true now..?

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