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Coffee and Revelation 74 – The Temple of the Covenant – Opened

Revelation 15:5-6 – The temple of the covenant is opened and the seven angels come out. What does this mean for us? How does it relate to the rest of the Bible?

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Coffee and Revelation 73 – The Song of Moses and of the Lamb



  1. Thank you for your brief mention of the sermons at the Queen’s memorials. Actually I thought St.Giles’ was better than some – except the choir, but that’s me being picky, the Gaelic psalm was lovely. I too have been concerned that these sermons have pointed to the Queen but not her Christ. I don’t have very high hopes of the funeral service on Monday. Yes, high points for dignity and solemn ritual but of Jesus’ ‘this day with Me in paradise’, hmm. The glory of the resurrection has been reduced to her being reunited with Philip.

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