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Coffee and Revelation 20 – Philadelphia and the Open Door

Revelation 3:7-13 – Where are the open doors – how do we walk through them? Some vital lessons for the church today….

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We Shall Overcome – The Compromising Church – (Revelation 2:12-17)

Coffee and Revelation 19 – Sardis – Reputation and Reality


  1. Two things:
    Once again today’s reflection had me (and I suspect others) in tears of hope. Your closing remarks as to the blessings you have had in opening these studies reflect what we have reaped.

    Secondly: can you (or anyone else) recommend a concise and helpful study on God’s sovereignty. My capacity for reading long texts is diminishing . . . as the pile of books around testify.

  2. Dear David, never apologise for the length of these videos. They are encouraging and helpful – they are all about God’s Word and tell us the truth. What a blessing in the confusion, despair and distress that is all around us.
    Thank you and God bless.
    Effie Alexander

  3. WOW, what a great end to the week! And yes, with Derek, tears of hope! Your teaching has been wonderful and spot on. Please don’t worry about how much time this takes. It is well worth it! Thank you again for your wonderful teaching.


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