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Quantum 201 – Fodder for the Masses; Pride; and Chariots of Fire

In this weeks Quantum  we have Van the man telling us about fodder for the masses; Johnny Depp and Amber Heard; Cannon fodder in Ukraine; Snow in Australia and Net Zero in North Sydney; Bristol Mayor’s hypocrisy on Climate; U2 – Sunday Bloody Sunday; Pronoun wars and God; Pride – Baylor, Nascar and Trueman;  Vangelis and Chariots of Fire.

Quantum 200 – Beauty and Truth in the midst of Ugliness and Lies.

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  1. I recently had an appointment with an NHS physiotherapist. She wore a badge. At the top of the badge was her name. At the bottom of the badge was, “My preferred pronouns are….”
    I think that the next time I have an NHS appointment I will wear a badge saying, “My preferred form of address is ‘Your Highness’.”

  2. I recently received a letter from the Education Department where I live, wishing my son all the best with ‘their’ education.

    It’s the imposition of these values by the government that I just find so galling, when they know full well that there are many in the community for whom this is an affront and contrary to their belief system.

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