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Coffee and Revelation 5 – Ch.1 v.8 – Alpha and Omega


Revelation 1:8 – What does it mean that God is called the Alpha and Omega? Where does everything end and begin? Is Jesus the Alpha and Omega?

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Coffee and Revelation 1 – Introduction – Is this the End?



  1. Thanks, David, for starting this new study! We had the privilege of visiting the seven churches a few years ago which made chapters 2 and 3 come alive.
    Did every session of Coffee with Job with you and so blessed by it.
    Now my breakfast time is perfect – tea, muesli and Revelation!

  2. Enjoying the bible study’s in Revelation trying to encourage others to join in. And we have had by Scottish standards hot sunshine .

  3. I enjoy these. Thanks David. If you are interested in beginnings I know you would enjoy Bill Coopers ‘After the Flood’. It’s a 35 years work. He researches the occupants of the ark and where they went across Europe and beyond. Apparently todays royalty in different European countries are descendants of those families. Interesting stuff.

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