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Quantum 203 – You Got Me Singing! – The Cohen Episode

In this weeks Quantum   Leonard Cohen helps us look at interest rate rises; crony corporate capitalism; the energy crisis; Katy Perry’s hypocrisy; the most dangerous and safest countries; Rwanda flights, Calvin Robinson and the Bishops; Scottish independence Referendum; Australia, Redmayne and the Wiggles; What is a Woman?; Dolly Parton sermons; and Jordan Peterson on the Bible as truth.

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  1. I love Calvin Robinson’s courage to point out what should be blindingly obvious. I would feel so much encouraged about standing up to woke culture if leaders within the various churches were willing to speak the truth of the gospel, including the need for justice and care for the poor, and keep out of politics. So many churches seem like a tired old grandparent desperately following every new fad to try and remain cool and relevant for the kids.

  2. When I was being interviewed for the ministry I said to the Bishop when questioned on this crazy sexual revolution that is going on, “how can you expect people in the pew to stand up for way they believe when the leaders won’t and seem to be too scared to!” (Thankfully I was still accepted)
    David I have to say you are costing me a fortune. I have now purchased Leonard Cohen music and signed up to the monthly subscription so I could watch the whole documentary “what is a woman”….. it should be compulsory viewing for all church leadership teams. Thank you for how you are educating us, because the churches are not at the table yet to take this on. But I liked the sentiment at the end of the documentary that this is not the silver bullet to win this war but a step in the right direction to galvanise common sense ….. “yield not to temptation, for yielding is sin, each victory will help you some other to win……fight manfully onward (can you use such a word now a days, I checked it in the church hymn book – it’s been changed to ‘fight steadily onward’ … madness!!! And I’m an adult female, delighted and thankful for the way God has made me.

  3. I recently saw a book on the shelf of a charity shop. Without reading anything other than the front cover and being in a rush I paid the £2 for it and left.
    Perhaps there was something providential in getting it as I have found the clouds of confusion and incomprehensibility clearing and being able to begin to understand our present culture around sexuality and gender.

    The book is ‘Cynical Theories- How universities made everything about race, gender and identity- and why this harms everybody’ by Pluckrose and Lindsay.

    If you haven’t read it I think you would appreciate their analysis of what is going on and the post modern philosophy underpinning so much of what we find difficult to get to grips with.
    Thanks for your continuing wrestling with the issues of the day on our behalf.

    1. The Gramscian long march has reached its planned , baneful conclusion in Universities.

      Re Identity , the Govt and media have long championed the Ethnic / Genetic Interests of racial minorities while pathologizing as “racism” the legitimate E/GI of the White majority.

      A senior African cleric supports the “Rwanda” policy on Illegal Immigrants :

      The African cleric omitted to inform us that the ” Asylum Seekers” would be better of in Kigali than in Glasgow as the former’s male life expectancy is 67 years while the latter’s is 60.9 years.

  4. Another great episode!

    Can you please share details of the study you mentioned that shows transgender people experience the worst of mental illness 7-10 years later (or something to that effect)?


  5. Interesting coincidence that you had your Cohen Episode just a few weeks after they had a guest on Econtalk talking about Leonard Cohen and his rushing to Israel during the Yom Kippur war in 1973. It is a very fascinating conversation, Cohen was ready to retire, he thought his career was over but playing for the troops inspired him, and thank God for it, some of his very best work came after 1973. It is about an hour listen if you are interested:

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