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Quantum 199 – Football, Faith and Fantasy

This weeks Quantum looks at Rangers in Seville; Jack Daniels; Idrissa Gueye; the Obcession with Sexuality; US womens football; Quantative Easing and Inflation; Runrig – Loch Lomond; Turkey blocks Sweden and Finland joining NATO;  Mariupol ‘evacuation’; Nutbush and the Australian Election; Michelle Obama and Womxn; Justin Truedeau and ‘Two Spirit’; Dr Who goes Trans; The Royal College of Nursing goes Drag; Undeceptions on Transgender; When is Bullying at School OK? Church of Scotland General Assembly; Syrian Rap with Ream Brazi; Amazing Grace with Jelle Bosfeld.

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Transgender Special – Part 3 – What Can Be Done?

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♬ Nutbush City Limits – Ike & Tina Turner


  1. David, thank you for your ministry through The Wee Flea. I have learned so much from your writings, recordings and those of others you point to.
    I do sometimes find your podcast a bit too negative and focussed on the world’s problems and evils. While accepting the world has many problems I wonder if I might be bold enough to challenge you to make a podcast full of the blessings and wonders of God’s world about which we should give thanks.
    Enjoy your remaining time in Scotland.
    God bless

    1. Thanks Roderick – much appreciated. You may be right about being a bit too negative – although I always try to point to the hope of the Gospel. My own view is that I’m actually really mild in describing what is going on….it’s far worse that we think it is. But you are right – the blessing of God should also be emphasised. The light shows the darkness….

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