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Transgender Special – Part 3 – What Can Be Done?

This weeks Quantum is the final part of our Transgender special…we catch up with some of the things have have happened, even in the past week – and we we look at what can be done – Including the Who; Biden;  The medical effects of transitioning; brainwashing children in Ireland; Soaring referrals of children in Scotland; Nickelodeon; Dr Brett Alderman; Pink Floyd; The Australian Election; Katherine Deves; Matt Kean and Ben Fordham;  men in womens prisons; non gendered sports in the Northern Territory; The NHS and degrading anti female language; Apple’s pregnant man emoij; JK Rowling death threats; The Beatles;  Shake On It;  Detransitioning; EBSWA; Dan Andrews; Jordan Peterson; Rob and Claire Smith; Trans suicides and murders; Resources; Carl Trueman; Rosario Butterfield; The Bible’s answer; Psalm 8 Shane and Shane.

Quantum 194 – Transgender Special – Part 1 – How Did We Get Here?

Quantum 195 – Transgender Special Part 2 – The Results of Trans Ideology

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  1. Hello David I take my hat off to you , your 3 part look at this whole subject of transgender has been so well put over, you have spoken the truth in courage . I pray it will help many people thank you.

  2. Perhaps it would help to learn to pronounce ‘urethra’! 😉
    Great and very helpful series. I wish more people (pastors, preachers, ministers) would tackle this subject and have the discussion about trans issues with their congregations, many of whom are totally bemused and/or confused by the whole thing.

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