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Quantum 194 – Transgender Special – Part 1 – How Did We Get Here?

This week we had intended to make a one part special on the subject of transgender.  However it was so long we split it into two – in part one here we ask the apparently unanswerable question –  ‘what is a woman?’;  we define transgender;  and we show how this transgender ideology is being promoted through the civic institutions of Western cultural elites. Part 2 next week.  This week includes Judge Brown, the Autralian Department of Health, Senator Claire Chandler,  Prof Kathleen Stock,  The BBC advocating 100 genders; Disney, the Biden Administration’s radical policy;  the Trans Police;    The evidence based social work network.

The six year old boy accused of Transphobia –

NHS advises trans people to turn to prostitution.

We also look at the Church’s response – Matthew Roberts has  this excellent article in the Critic…

“‘Transgender’ is an umbrella term for people who were born either male or female, but whose
psychological or emotional gender identity differs to some extent from their biological sex. These people
may express their felt gender through gender bending and/or cross-dressing, and sometimes through cross
hormone therapy and/or sex reassignment surgery. This gender expression is an attempt to bring their
body into alignment with their felt gender.

There are two main groups under the transgender umbrella. Firstly, there are gender experimenters,
ideologues and activists who attempt to challenge conventional expressions of gender. They believe that
gender is simply a social construct, which is chosen and fluid (i.e., subject to change within an individual)
and not tied to biology. For them, transgender identity is a form of protest. By contrast, the second group
has a binary view of sex and gender (i.e., male and female) but experiences varying levels of distress from
a felt incongruence between their gender identity and biological sex” – Sydney Anglican Report on Transgender

The SNP Councillor and the Free Church Bully

Transgender ideology and the rise of the thought police – CT

I have many other articles on this subject – just enter Transgender into the search engine!

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  1. Before the recent UK Chalke et. al. letter the Australian church had transgressed; a transgender priest in an Anglican church in South-east Queensland and a transgender Uniting Church minister in a Sydney CBD Uniting Church.

  2. Following on from the story about the SNP Councillor (Gregor Fisher Murray) it is ironic that he resigned from the SNP because, he said, “The SNP has a major institutional problem with transphobia, and is doing nothing to rectify this.”
    The Courier also reported that, “Dundee councillor suspended for two months after breaching code of conduct over ‘abusive’ messages”.
    “The councillor was alleged to have used “terms that were insulting and offensive during twitter exchanges with a member of the public, on gender related issues, in January and July last year and, as such, behaved in a disrespectful manner”.
    Clearly, his use of Twitter was regarded by the Standards Commission as being connected to his role as a Councillor.
    Mr Murray is not standing as a candidate in this year’s local elections.

  3. Paul sets out for us how we get to this point in Romans 1: 18-25.
    Too often the latter parts of this chapter are explored on sexuality issues, but it’s the earlier verses that set out the cause, the end verses are merely the consequences.

    (v18) Suppression of truth. This is intentional. To the point truth is considered to be relative or personal. Is this topic not an example of choosing truth? ‘I am what I think…’

    (v19) What may be known and understood about God, both divine and eternal, is known *through what is made*. (Not personal visitations or experienced)
    No one has an excuse, demanding God must do something new today to prove He is God. He has already revealed Himself.

    (v20)Creation speaks day and night to every human being. The obligation is not on God to do something now. It is evident already.

    (v21)They don’t glorify him, that’s to give Him due honour, not because they cannot, because they do glorify other humans -(e.g. the Oscars) and the creation – (BBC Blue Planet)
    In glorifying Him, there is no giving thanks. Life is expected, deserved, merited in their minds. Why give thanks for what is to be expected? We have rights!

    Such a mind becomes futile Paul tells us.

    (v22) Human wisdom is elevated, but it’s folly. Pride kicks in, self importance. ‘I can save the world! I can stop global warming! I am what I want to be.’ Arrogance. We can do no such thing. We have either been created, and therefore subject to those constraints, or we adopt survival of the fittest, and fight.

    (v23) Exchanging the glory of God to our thinking. Reduce God to an object or image our minds can contain, therefore ‘God can only do this, or can’t do that,’ because that’s how we perceive him. Constrained to our imagination within the objects we understand in creation. God can know the thoughts and intent of every heart at the same time. How? He is greater than the universe that spans light years! Beyond our ability to comprehend fully.

    Therefore, because of these things…..God gives them over.

    (24) firstly, it’s natural desires at this point, whilst still degrading and dishonourable, because it contests the ordination of God (marriage), no reference to it being same gender. The sexual revolution starts with what is dishonourable between male/female!

    (25) The truth is exchanged for a lie. God is abandoned, insignificant, the creation we grasp with our natural senses is elevated as an idol, to be actively served and worshiped, so no surprise when people serve natural passions with one another.

    (26) natural order can now be abandoned. Because of all that proceeded! Now the unnatural takes hold. It is pointless churches tackling the issue here! It didn’t start here. This is merely the consequence.

    (28) once any mindfulness of God is abandoned, all the rest of depravity kicks in…….(32) but the conscience still affirms they know!

    Our message has to be these causes. To give God his rightful place, honour him but to firstly humble ourselves.
    When God spoke out of the whirl wind, Job and the men were humbled back to their real status in their own eyes, as God was revealed as creator. We are but dust!

    This issue like many others has to come back to the truth. And every soul must tackle this question. ‘Am I created?’ Yes or no? Because it is there the battle is won or lost.

    1. May we also be mindful that there are Christians who contend with gender dysphoria. Confronting the popular ideology is important, but we don’t want to gloss over the reality of these Christians’ struggles, and we don’t want to create an environment in the church that is functionally hostile in its approach to confronting the popular ideology.

  4. I have kept the following work sheet for many years.It was used in yr 8 or 9 at a Church of England school.
    Identifying Assumptions….the story

    Viv and Chris walked down the street holding hands. They were very close, and even though they were only 16 they were sure they loved each other. ” It’s not fair, Chris”,said Viv,”you parents give you such an easy time, why don’t mine ?.Viv’s parents were strict, and expected to be obeyed. Viv wanted to finish school and become a nurse, but at times it all seemed too much. It was only Chris’s support that kept Viv going.
    For Chris things were different.Chris planned to finish school, become an apprentice and work hard to do well. With parents who thought those plans were fine and expected their children to be responsible for their own decisions and lives,Chris felt really lucky.
    It was sometimes hard understand why they felt so attracted to each other, as they came from such different backgrounds.
    Circle your response to each of the following statements.

    Statement True False Don’t know

    Viv and Chris plan to get engaged T F ?
    Viv is a girl
    Chris is a boy
    Viv does well at school
    Viv and Chris are in love
    Viv and Chris want to live together
    Viv’s parents want to keep Viv and Chris apart .
    Apprenticeships are for boys.
    Nursing is for girls.
    Viv and Chris are both girls
    Viv and Chris are both boys.

  5. I am still not clear where queer theory and transgender ism come from. You have given us a helpful account of its pervasive presence across academia , media, politics, art etc but what are its origins?

    Does it stem from the personal discomfort of a few people with body dysphoria? Or was it a deliberate movement created by anti-establishment people who want to be & do whatever they want beyond cultural norms? Are there specific points in 20th C or writers we can point to and say”this is where it started” and thus find the origins/motives of the movement?

    1. It came out of the late 1960’s, early 1970’s movement which sought to teach that gender was just a social construct. It is a postmodern version of feminism which has morphed into anti-feminism.

  6. Thanks Keith. A very good illustration of how human communication (/interpretation) relies so much on inference and not simply on ‘what is said’. And that we use our assumptions ‘about the world’ to infer the ‘meaning’ of ‘what is said’.

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