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Quantum 198 – Highway to Hell

This weeks Quantum looks at the chaos in today’s world – and the solution!  Ukraine, Finland, and tennis; Eurovision; the Australian election; Euthanasia in NSW;  Abolishing Legal Sex; The Blind Leading the Blind; Body Integrity Identity Disorder; The Energy Crisis; Beethoven’s 7th; the Rich Man’s World; BLM Hypocrisy; Decolonising Mozart; Covid in North Korea; Scottish Government’s Power Grab; Cardinal Joseph Zen Arrested in Hong Kong; Be Still My Soul.

Quantum 197 – The Times they are a Changing – in America

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  1. A few years ago we had some rebuilding work done on the lower floor of our church building and the main hall, which is on the upper floor, was boarded off with a temporary plywood wall at the bottom of the stairs (while we used a different door to continue with our Sunday services). One of the builders kindly wrote in felt-tip pen on the downstairs side of the plywood “Stairway to Heaven”.

  2. A way for the UK Church to grip reality, plus direct others positively, would be to grasp hold of the housing crisis nettle. Maybe the best antidote to woke is dealing with bread and butter issues? The pro-life campaign was the subject of a full article in Sunday Times 8-5-22 where the 50 year campaign’s growing success was outlined. Is Munchausen’s Syndrome (or Munchausen’s Syndrome by proxy) still an accepted diagnosis?

  3. David, I don’t know if you’ve ever read Feet of Clay by Terry Pratchett (if not, spoilers follow) which features a race of creatures called golems which create an idealised version of themselves and “program” it to solve all of the world’s problems and fulfil of their wildest dreams. In the end the poor creature goes insane and destroys everything in its path, because there is no way it can possibly achieve any of that. That’s how I see the world at present: human society collapsing under the weight of all our hopes and expectations of solving the world’s problems by ourselves. We need God and Jesus. We need them so badly.

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