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Quantum 184 – Keep on Rocking in the Free World

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This week we look at Joe Rogan, Neil Young, Joni MItchell, Canadian Truckers, Covid lockdowns; Denmark – Covid, Christian Eriksen and Rock; Inflation; Whoopi Goldberg;  Wordle; And Chinese New Year 

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Quantum 183 – Bat out of Hell- including Nigeria, Australia, Finland, Ukraine, UK and more – and where to find joy!

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  1. It would be difficult to find a freer spirit in Scotland than this man :

    A string busting guitar hand and a voice with muscle. Also an Orwellian type non – Marxist Socialist

    I admired HI’s realistic attitude to Death .

    When , having been diagnosed with a serious illness , his doctor told him that if, for his liver’s sake and the slowing of his cancer spreading, he gave up whisky he might have another year or two to live, HI’s reply was , ” No thanks , I’ll carry on. When I go I want everything to be f*cked.”

  2. Thanks for the excellent blog.

    I had come across Jordan Peterson through some of your blogs and watched my first Joe Rogan interview last week – an old one #1139 with Jordan Peterson from 2018. It is truly amazing. It is something you will not see on a TV channel and I would highly recommend it.

    I would disagree with you however about Monsanto. Their GM crops were not designed to resist pests or diseases or even to produce higher output – they were designed to resist the Roundup weed-killer made by Monsanto,. The crops were known as Roundup Ready cotton, soy etc. The farmers applied vast amounts of Roundup to their crops as they grew ,to kill any weeds which grow among the crops and compete with them. This probably did increase output, but Roundup is highly toxic to humans and animals and it was not known how much remained in the crops after harvesting.

  3. I look at recent pictures of Neil Young and Joni Mitchell and Jackson Browne (a favourite of mine) and see mortality vivid and dismaying. I see the futility of life under the sun and I am thankful for a Saviour that is bringing me into a world that shall last forever.

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