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Quantum 183 – Bat out of Hell- including Nigeria, Australia, Finland, Ukraine, UK and more – and where to find joy!

This weeks Quantum 

This week we follow up the Covid special, look at Boris Johnson’s troubles; a great interview with Steve Baker; Peng Shui; the persecution of Nigerian Christians; Ukraine; Racist Christianity;  Finnish MP prosecuted for quoting the Bible; Jordan Peterson Resigns citing Putin; Unbelievable and Jayne Ozanne;  Where will I find Joy? What a Friend!

Links below…

The Steve Baker interview –

Support for conversion therapy bans are revealing the divide between two different Christianities – CT

Catch up with last week here – Quantum 182 – The Covid 19 Special – The Origins, Reactions and Lessons

Support Quantum here –

Jayne Ozanne – Just Love – A Journey of Self-Acceptance (and ITV on Conversion Therapy)


  1. Really great podcast Quantum 183, David…

    Quick question- how may I financially support the Christian lady nurse on her true and factual case against the nhs trust etc on her psychotherapy course..?

    Yes we know that the so-called ‘Law’ is mostly nuts and bang out of order ‘political correctness nonsense’…Pareto Law / analysis / rule, suggests the 80:20 rule (Stuff like 80% of sales comes from 20% of time/ effort…etc etc…)

    The so-called ‘Law’ guff as we know it .., is mostly written by half wit and woke effwits, simply as a wish to have some so-called influence & power in our broken society…To take it further.., 80% of our law firms and lawyers, according to my 25 different law firms dealings with them.., and let’s be controversial….They are mostly bottom feeding pond life…I will defy anyone to tell me otherwise..!

    I will finish with a quote from Lord Reith, being the first director general of the bbc (note my small caps on bbc…)
    Basically the so-called ‘smart’ producers at the bbc London hq meeting were suggesting that the so-called ‘God Slot’ be moved away or cancelled on the Sunday afternoon/ evening for Christian broadcasting…

    Lord Reith replied…’ My dear fellows.., The church of Jesus Christ will be at the graveside of the bbc, and every other vacuuous organisation within our Bankrupt Society…’

  2. David, I enjoy your podcast every week. I don’t know where to leave a resource so I am going to do it here since you featured Russia and Ukraine this week. I’ve been mystified that the Left in the US seems so willing to send troops. What could possibly be the reason? And then I read Rod Dreher’s blog entry for January 26: “Cold War and Culture War.” Could the Left’s hatred of Russia have anything to do with LGBT? Indeed it could.

  3. Brilliant there are so many people who seem to be lacking in basic humanity, not least the Scottish government , such prayer needed.

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