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Coffee with Job 110 – Perfect Knowledge

Job 36:1-4 – Elihu claims to have perfect knowledge. Is this hubris. Can it be possible? How do we know? We finish with a great version of 10,000 Reasons – from Simon Brading

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Coffee with Job 109 – Multiplying Words



  1. Something that just registered with me, David, is the reason for prophets in the Old Testament. God spoke directly to the prophets of old then, so why doesn’t He do that now? It wasn’t only prophets either, it was all of the ‘heros’ of the OT and from the very beginning we read that God spoke to Adam & Eve, and right through to Malachi God spoke to the people through the prophets. But only occasionally in the New Testament are we told of God speaking directly to people, and now, if someone tells us they ‘have a word from the Lord’ we tread very carefully.
    So why is that, and what changed?
    It’s the Bible of course, and in this day and age we have printing and digital technology where the Bible is literally everywhere in the world. So now – miraculously in my view – God is able to speak directly to everybody. So some people can’t read? We have the Bible in audio form. And some people can’t see? Braille Bibles are available too. We have no excuses.

  2. You make a very good point Daydreamer and one that makes a great deal of sense. We are incredibly blessed to have the Bible as we have it today and despite the many different translations on offer, the eternal truth that it teaches remains just that…… eternal and trustworthy.

    I jealously guard my copies of the Bible that I have today, irrespective of translation or edition, as I fear a time might well be coming when it will be hard to find editions that have not been edited and ‘re-translated’ to suite the perverse way of the world. A different gospel is already being taught and preached by some and we need to arm ourselves against the growing apostasy.

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