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Quantum 185 – Challenging Misinformation

This weeks Quantum 

This week we look at Canadian Convoys; Misfunding Charities; Captain Tom; Rogan;  Covid fact checking;  Adelle; US LGBTQ;  Electric Cars; Religious Liberty and Perth Church DisruptedWhite Bread and the Working Class; Neighbours; Brexit Bishops;  The Italian/Scottish job; Shane and Shane….


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  1. Twitter often has an army of people furiously accusing certain figures – usually JKRowling – of transphobia. But there *isn’t* an outcry over Adele’s comment. Certain news outlets seem to have claimed that there is for the sake of stirring.

  2. It seems to me that a lot of woke-aligned people are concerned about being on “the right side of history” – I even know Christians who have said this (shouldn’t we be more concerned about being on the right side of God?)

    What makes them so confident that history will remember them positively? It’s obvious that whatever utopia they have in mind is never going to be reached. The question is how deep into dystopia the elites will be able to lead us, while maintaining their lies and fantasies, before the rest of the world decides enough is enough.

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