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Coffee with Job 85 What does God Have to Say to the Human Race?

Job 28:12-28 – One of the great questions with all our current crisis, is what does God have to say to humanity? This passage tells us. It may not be what we expect, or what we want to hear – but it is what we need and it is brilliant. At the end I mention the Wexford carol by Alison Krauss. Sadly YouTube won’t let me play it on YouTube – which doesn’t make sense because it is already on YouTube….you can Google it and find it for yourself. It’s beautiful – but sad that such beauty is limited by such crass commercialism….Thank the Lord the beauty of the Gospel is not copyright! And its free.

Also on YouTube here 

Coffee with Job 84 – Where Can I Find Wisdom?

And I loved this photo….



  1. So refreshing to hear the truth that to fear God is to be wise for God alone is good. Thank you for saying what is not on trend or PC or safe but just truth.

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