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Quantum 177 – Mary‘s Boy Child – Omicron, Tim Keller, JK Rowling , Lewis Hamilton, Michael Buble, Smollett and more…

This weeks Quantum is here….

This week we deal with Omicron, JK Rowling, Teenage boys literacy in NSW, Mike Naismith, Jussie Smollett, Indonesian volcano, Lewis Hamilton, Michael Buble, The Afghan Refugee Family and the Aberdonian Generosity; Tim Keller; and Mary’s Boy Child.

“Men mistook measurement for understanding. And they always had to put themselves at the centre of everything. That was their greatest conceit. The earth is becoming warmer – it must be our fault! The mountain is destroying us – we have not propitiated the gods! It rains too much, it rains too little – a comfort to think that these things are somehow connected to our behaviour, that if only we lived a little better, a little more frugally, our virtue would be rewarded. But here was Nature, sweeping toward him – unknowable, all-conquering, indifferent – and he saw in Her fires the futility of human pretensions.” (from “Pompeii” by Robert Harris)

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  1. Thank you for Quantum , Mary’s Boy Child took me back and the Monkeys, I agreed with all you said except the praise for Pfizer , may I suggest you research them it’s not pleasant reading. Thank you again for the daily bible bits so look forward to them . The Highlands of Scotland were spectacular today at there winter best.

  2. Alistair Ross this is for you. Why did you feel the need to attach the link you did? Highlighting Jews that supposedly are involved in as you may believe to be a Covid conspiracy? I notice there were NO Chinese names on there; strange considering that is where it came from? Do you perceive that, that link may be antisemitic; I certainly believe it is and I hope David challenges it also. If you are a believer then you may need to take heed of the Bible and what the Lord has to say about His chosen people and the consequences to those who would “curse” them!

  3. Great songs.
    One thing that I feel awkward about is the ‘judging’ of other people’s faith. I know you said that you don’t know if Lewis and Michael are Christian or not, and so you might claim you haven’t judged them, and it’s not for you to do so… But you do judge them. You said Lewis had done some things that you don’t consider Christian (or words to that effect). And you bring their faith into question whereas, before you did so, we might have accepted them at their word. Here are two successful people confessing faith – not claiming they have all the answers (that claim is reserved for the ignorant).
    Undoubtedly, they have made mistakes and owing to their success; those mistakes will be far more scrutinised, politicised, polarised, twisted and visible. But they are human. And being human, they will have good days and bad days, and different interpretations of how their faith compels them – whether that means with love and grace – or perhaps more cynicism and judgement. After all, let he who is without fault cast the first stone.

    1. I never accept when people, especially celebrities, make general and vague statements about faith that it means anything. I just don’t know. It’s perhaps better not to judge and make pronouncements on their faith until they themselves express and live it clearly. In this instance I am not the one making the judgement – I am saying I don’t know…

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