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Quantum 162 – Biden‘s Bible, Zambia‘s President, Peter Kay‘s Hymns, the Freedom rap and much more

This week we look at Biden and the Bible; Lebanon, Canada, Malaysia and Zambia; Wannabe Koreans and traditional Korean music ; Covid in Israel, Australia, US and Scotland;  Eric Clapton; Texas abortion law;  Nottingham Uni  bans priest; Mercy Muroki on Scotland’s copying Xi Xinping; Peter Kay sings hymns;  John MacArthur; My Sweet Lord;  Unbelievable podcast  and a Lukas Liion rap.



 Quantum 161 – Gimme Shelter – The CCP religion, Covid in Australia; Hate Crime Cars; and The Tiger who Came to Tea

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  1. If you like Peter Kay’s rendition of How Great Though Art, try the Youtube videos of Terry Miles playing Boogie Woogie style hymns on a shopping centre piano.

    Was George Harrison not found guilty of something called subconscious plagiarism and forced to pay $1.5M from the proceeds of My Sweet Lord to the writer of the Chiffons’ 1963 hit, He’s So Fine. It is said part of his defence was that he was in fact inspired by Oh Happy Day by the Edwin Hawkins Singers.

    Religious inspiration always comes at a cost.

    1. You will , of course , know that Elvis Presley recorded a version of ” How Great Thou Art. ” :

      EP’s lifestyle did not , as we all know , reflect a spiritual imbibing of that impressive song .

      A Presley biographer , Albert Goldman , concluded an admirable book with the words , ” Elvis got everything he ever wanted , but probably deserved better . “

  2. As to George Harrison’s “My Sweet Lord,” you may recall that he lost a legal action for having copied so much of the music from “He’s So Fine,” sung by the Chiffons. The melodies are strikingly similar.

    1. There is only so much music one can produce on the keyboard’s white keys so some clashes of creative intent are inevitable. (We should, perhaps , draw a veil over Mr Arnold Schonberg’s culturally subversive invention of atonal music )

      Anyway , that may be why Scottish, black – keyed, pentatonic music was invented :

      Naturally, the piper’s grace notes are white but not essential to the melody.

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