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Quantum 163 – I am Woman – The Threat to Women and why Women won‘t Wheesht

This weeks Quantum deals with the very real threat to women in towards world.  We look at abuse, the redefinition of women, the Scottish Governments attack on women; Lisa Townsend; Monty Python; pornography, prostitution; abortion; the anti-woman bias in the media; women in Afghanistan, Japan, Columbia and Mexico; Wombs for sale; the Church; the Handmaids Tale and lots of women singing – including Mahalia Jackson.  With music from John Lennon, the Stones, Shania Twain; Helen Reddy; J Geils Band; Aretha Franklin and Annie Lennox; Mahalia Jackson

Listen to it here: 


The threats to women are as follows:

  1. Abuse.   Especially domestic violence.
  2. Redefined out of existence –

Here is astonishing footage of Nicola Sturgeon calling Murdo Fraser ‘shameful’ because he went on a women rights demonstration!

3. Pornography and Prostitution.

Please have a look at Alison Wilson’s new documentary about prostitution – here..

4. Women being attacked in the media – The Guardian –

And remember Marion Miller – her story is here…

Scotland is heading back to 17th Century witch trials…

Women throughout the World – Taliban officials have broken up a demonstration by dozens of women in Kabul demanding rights following the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan.  

The BBC on Columbia – drug gangs raping and enslaving women.

 Mexicos Supreme Court decriminalises abortion.

All those who support abortion should watch this video:


 Gregory of Nysssa – “In this chain of female relationship it is difficult to say which link is worthier of note, grandmother, mother or daughter. “

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  1. That was an interesting listen to the deputy leaders candidates of the Green party wiht their response to the question “what is a woman”. None, as far as I can tell, made an attempt to answer the question but there seemed to be a consensus of approach in deconstructing the question while at the same time promoting opinions. For example one consistent with intersectional feminism from a “proud feminist” and another with there being disunity within the green party with an appeal for unity.

    One bizarre comment was about being welcoming to diversity but also being in favour of unity. I wonder what the individual advocating this would have to say if someone expressed a diversity of thought that sex and gender are the same thing, that being male or female is something you are born with (not assigned at birth) and that anything other than that is what you self – identify as. How would they find unity in diversity with that?

  2. Women in Afghanistan protesting against the Taliban are incomprehensibly more courageous than their woke counterparts in the West. For one thing they are actually putting themselves at risk rather than hiding behind the protection of a “patriarchy” they claim to despise.

  3. Green Party person: “Being a woman is an attitude.”
    Two questions:
    1. Can we also say that being a dog is an attitude?
    2. What about people who are biologically female but have the “wrong” attitude? Are they not women?

  4. Green Party might have previously conjured up images of compost heaps and bearded people, not necessarily identifying as men, growing organic vegetables. Is it too restrictive to have an ‘attitude’ of just being a potato, parsnip carrot or onion? Or perhaps with a stock cube added, might one have an ‘attitude’ of being a can of Baxter’s Cook-a-leekie Soup?

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