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Quantum 161 – Gimme Shelter – The CCP religion, Covid in Australia; Hate Crime Cars; and The Tiger who Came to Tea

This week we look at the death of Charlie Watts;  the ‘Thought’ of Xi Xinping; Afghan Refugees; Covid in Australia; Authoritarianism; NIrvana cover; Transgender Mosque Bomber;  Police Hate Crime Cars; Indoctrinating Teachers; The Tiger who came to Tea; Don Everley; Greg Haslam; Job and John Anderson.   

Gimme Shelter



Quantum 160 – Afghanistan

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  1. Have you actually listened to Rachael’s interview on her findings – or merely taken the prejudiced mocking of the loony right GB News – with their agenda of whipping up intolerance and division – as gospel truth? Why do you not link to what she actually said? I bet you’d see the issue if 99% of children’s books perpetuated anti Christian stereotypes.

    1. I listened to her BBC Scotland interview….it’s a bit grandiose to call her opinions ‘findings’! As for whipping up intolerance and division that is precisely what Rachael is doing. It is degrading to her cause, demeaning to others -and quite honestly – just insane. And many children’s books do perpetuate anti Christian stereotypes. But I just wonder what ‘anti’ you think the Tiger who came to Tea’ is? Imagine a young Jewish girl seeing the Nazis ban her fathers books – now seeing the same thing happening in the 21st Century. You can feel free to defend the intolerance and madness if you wish. I feel free to point out it is intolerant and mad. Doubtless come the revolution, my views will be banned anyway!

  2. You are absolutely right about predicting that the ‘climate emergency’ will be the next state of emergency. Ever since the COVID situatiopn started there have been climate alarmists who have identified what they see as the parallel between COVID and their ‘climate emergency’. In fact, so goes the argument, if we can curtail people’s freedom to deal with COVID how much more should we curtain people’s freedom to deal with a much more ‘dangerous’ threat. Moreover there have been voices praising the system of Government in China for its ability to take the measures ‘necessary’ to deal with the ’emergency’.
    “If electoral democracy is inadequate to the task of addressing climate change, and the task is the most urgent one humanity faces, then other kinds of politics are urgently needed. The most radical alternative of all would be to consider moving beyond democracy altogether. The authoritarian Chinese system has some advantages when it comes to addressing climate change: One-party rule means freedom from electoral cycles and less need for public consultation. Technocratic solutions that put power in the hands of unelected experts could take key decisions out of the hands of voters.”
    Also, see:

    1. The Covid situation has really highlighted just how terrified Western liberal atheists become when the finger of death threatens to force its way into their comfortable elitist bubble.

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