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Coffee with Job – 8 – Born under a Bad Sign…

One of the most wonderful things about the Bible is that you don’t need to make it relevant – it is relevant.  Take for example today’s Coffee with Job (see below) – in which in Job we learn something about abortion – as well as depression, the blues and more…..Have a listen and let me know what you think ..


Politics and Abortion – An Interview on Branch FM

I should also add that I am impressed by the stance the Catholic church has consistently taken on this, appalled at liberal Protestants and disappointed at many evangelicals in the UK (including my own church) who have too often turned a blind eye – although I am thankful for evangelicals (including in my own church) who have stood for the unborn.

And this is the song I would have played!  Born Under a Bad Sign…


  1. What you share David, about Job’s suffering and unrealistic thinking connected with depression is that going through such is part of experiencing the fullness of life. You are right of course ins saying it’s not all about being happy. It’s about learning to be content in all circumstances and grateful. True happiness is birthed from that.

    And it is the hero’s journey to endure depression, just as it was the hero’s journey for Christ to suffer excruciating death, descend into hell and then emerge, triumphant over death and sin!

    In spite of how things may seem at times, in Christ you are more than a conqueror!

  2. If American Leftists knew that abortion , commonplace among unmarried Blacks , was one reason for the slowing of the USA’s violent crime rate , they’d probably perform a volte – face on the subject.

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