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The Romans Road to Real Hope 1 – No Condemnation

I have been loving reading and meditating on Romans 8 for the past few weeks. I have used it as a three part series to introduce non-Christians to the Christian hope and thought I would share a little of that with you every Sunday. The same short format as the daily Job series….

The Romans Road to Real Hope… is the first one…with a bit of Belfast singing!

Coffee with Job – 3 – Who Rules the World?


  1. Hi David. Interesting thank you. What a great passage for today.

    You highlight a paradox of the world, they think by living as they please it brings freedom, but it actually brings condemnation, because there is no where to go with their faults. What to do with faults in others, or their own! They can’t deal with missing the mark, yet they desperately need to. They are like Rom 7! Exasperated. They either fight, cheat, or suffer MH, seeking a refuge where there is none. How relevant is the gospel! It is good news.

    That small word you quoted ‘in’ is a remarkable one. The no condemnation hinges on a ‘location’. Where we are in relation to something else. This exists ‘in’ Christ, no where else can it be found outside of Him.

    ‘In’ that park where you are stood, there is calm, beauty and tranquility. The same cannot be said if you were ‘in’ a different location, such as the Hustle and bustle of the City. But by being ‘in’ that place, you are exposed and afforded the virtues of it. You experience what it is.
    Is it not the same ‘in’ Christ? all that is His, if we are in Him, we are afforded and exposed to simply by being ‘in’ Him, wherever we are, whoever we are. Praise God, what a relief.

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