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Romans 8 Road to Real Hope – 2 – Two Laws and Real Freedom

Here is  the second part of the Romans 8 Road to Hope – you can access it on YouTube here –

but there are some people who have made me aware that they cannot access YouTube because they do not have a Google account – so here is a link for the Vimeo recording –

The Romans Road to Real Hope 1 – No Condemnation




  1. As a lover of old books , I enjoyed a find called ” The Recovery of Belief” by Oxford’s Prof CEM Joad .

    Two cheers only , I’m afraid, because the Balliol Fellow was not a full blown Atheist but , simply a wavering former Agnostic.

    It would have been fun to attend the first night of High Table, post Dr. Joad’s Damascene inversion.

  2. I am thoroughly enjoying this systematic exposition of Romans 8. Many often read a paragraph of scripture without appreciating or pausing to reflect on, the full import of any one sentence. The beauty of the Bible and that which makes it the Word of God in my view, is its amazing infinite ability to say so much to us in so few words,

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