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Quantum 160 – Afghanistan

This week on Quantum we concentrate solely on Afghanistan.  Do you know the biblical connection to Afghanistan?   We look at President Biden’s actions and words; the implications for the West, China, the Afghan Church, the Afghan people. We hear two extraordinary speeches – one from the UK Parliament, and another from the British defence chief of staff;   We also look at Aayan Hirsi Ali and Lily Cole’s reactions.  Twitter, the Taliban and Trump. We hear some Afghan rock music and worship music.   We also reflect on the life of Andrew Walls – and our podcast of the week – Coffee House Shots. 

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This article from Rory Stewart explains things well –

And here you have a British General telling us that the Taliban want an ‘inclusive coutnry’!  (up to 45 seconds)

And this is the best speech in the House of Commons for years –


Former President flees…

This is wonderful from Aayan Hirsi Ali – in Unherd.[0]=18743&tl_period_type=3&mc_cid=e053288f5f&mc_eid=a7c8301289

 After I posted this I came across the wonderful Andrew Neill – reinforcing everything said in the podcast – good to be ahead of the curve!

Quantum 159 – Understanding Climate Change, Covid, Curries, Cuomo, and the Census….

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  1. Well , the transfer of political power was smoother than that of the USA .

    It is interesting to note that, unlike the White legacy Christian countries , the Muslim nations of Indonesia , Pakistan , Bangladesh and Malaysia have eschewed the opportunity to enrich their cultures by importing Afghans.

  2. Western journalist to Taliban Spokesman : ” What about freedom of speech, then , eh ?”

    Taliban Spokesman : ” What about Trump’s deleted Twitter account ? “

  3. Human Rights and similar figments of the imagination only gained currency because they had been decreed by an omnipotent Christian father and son composite Deity .

    Rational people must surely regard such imaginings as the precursor of todays Leftist tangle of fancies.

  4. Viktor Frankl and-‘Man’s Search for Meaning’-come to mind as we look at the Commons speech by Mr Tugendhat. Awareness of the real choices to be made, where our actions (or ideas) can have a small impact, is a valuable idea presently. With Corvid and with Afghanistan, a sense of perspective needs to be retained. There’s the commands to be “grateful-joyful- prayerful”. I think Isaiah 55 speaks strongly to us at this time, when things are so out of kilter from the everyday human angle.

  5. Last week hurt… I am a vet, I served in the 82nd Airborne, I did a tour in Afghanistan in 2005-2006, I’ve always been a patriot… Not today…

    I have spent the last 8 years trying to get friends out of Afghanistan and ran into road block after road block. Today he is hiding in Kabul with his family praying the U.S. grants his visa. My understanding is there are still some 10,000+ Americans in Afghanistan they aren’t sure how they will get out; the U.S. isn’t particularly interested in getting out the people who worked with U.S. forces…

    Shame on the U.S.A…….

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