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Quantum 147 – Watching While Sanity Dies – the Light Comes.

This weeks episode includes Ray Cordeiro, the worlds oldest DJ (from Hong Kong); Hugging; Ian Paisley Junior;  RTE Brendan and Dawkins on Downs; IKEA Australia; Abertay University and Trans; Ant Music; Jose Contreras; Extinction Rebellion; Hunza Yousaf; the new Archbishop of Sydney;  John Blanchard; The Archbishop of Canterbury and Dr Bernard Randall; the Atheism of Abba; Prince Harry uses freedom of Speech to question freedom of speech; the challenge to Roe v. Wade; Christians in Nigeria; and Noel Richards ‘Great is the Darkness’…


Ian Paisley – 

  RTE Brendan –

 Mad World.

Abertay Uni

Ant Music – 

Kanishka Raffel –

Archbishop of Canterbury and Dr Bernard Randall –

 Abba –  –

– “When I married Agnetha Fältskog, my first wife, we wanted a real fairy-tale wedding in a church, with a castle and a ceremonial ball. We followed the traditional path. Today, with the wisdom and freedom that comes with age, I’m more radical.”

 Prince Harry –


“A slow-motion war is under way in Africa’s most populous country. It’s a massacre of Christians, massive in scale and horrific in brutality. And the world has hardly noticed.”


Noel Richards –

Quantum 146 – False Prophets, Future Wars, Solomon’s Ships, and Jehovah Tsidkenu

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  1. Could this be a wake up call or a sign that Jesus is coming soon – in our lifetime?

    “About 44 percent of likely voters in the United States see the coronavirus pandemic and economic meltdown as either a wake-up call to faith, a sign of God’s coming judgment or both, according to a poll commissioned by the Joshua Fund, an evangelical group run by Joel C. Rosenberg”

  2. Thanks! An excellent broadcast with much of interest today. Another Irish theme might be of interest? Adam Kula of the Belfast Newsletter wrote a splendid article (18th May) beside an NHS picture of a 12-week ultrasound scan in pregnancy (‘Biggest Protestant church in NI backs DUP bill on disabled abortionsThe Presbyterian Church has said the current law on abortion serves to perpetuate stereotypes of disabled people, as it set out in detail its support for a new DUP bill.’) The image may appear on searching at ’12-week scan NHS’. It is counterintuitive, conflicting with enlightenment rationalism and the Reformation focus on words, but images maybe should be our opening gambit generally in pro-life activism.

  3. I recall John Blanchard preach/teaching at a weekend Bible Conference, in tent in a farmers field.
    It was before he seemed to move towards apologectics.
    It’s a good while since I read it, but his book, “Does God believe in Atheists?” is an excellent wide – ranging apologetic text, which at the time, as a fairly new Christian, I found stimulating.
    “Whatever happen to Hell?” is a book of his which is probably taboo today even in swathes of Christianity. Do evangelicals really believe in hell? Does it inspire an urgent love to offer Christ himself, not only as a Saviour from, but a fullness of life and (en)joy(ment) in him him, in thick and thin times.

  4. That interaction between RTE Brendan and Dawkins was fantastic! Dawkins evidently doesn’t have a clue how illogical he is!

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