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Quantum 146 – False Prophets, Future Wars, Solomon’s Ships, and Jehovah Tsidkenu

This week we look at Israel and Palestine; Future wars; China watch;  False Prophets, Trans Bishops and Celebrity Pastors; Bob Dylan’s 89th birthday;  Trees Rights; Polyamory; Edinburgh Uni and Microinsults; the Woke CIA; Toxic Masculinity and Water; King Solomon’s Ships; and a beautiful version of Jehovah Tsidkenu from 20 Schemes Music.

You can listen to it here  – or on Itunes, Spotify etc.

Here are some of the links mentioned in the Podcast…

Israel and Palestine.

Future Wars –

China Watch

Mad Church

Celebrity Pastors

Trans bishop…

“The first council of Nicaea’s first action was to try to limit the leadership roles of trans pastors and bishops. I’m grateful the Lutherans of the @sps_elca are beginning to dismantle this and some of the […] other hurdles BIPOC and LGBTQ pastor’s encounter,” Rohrer tweeted.

“I want a ban on prayer that has a predetermined outcome which says that you have to change and cannot be gay.” – @JayneOzanne on @BBCr4today. We need to ban hate prayer, just as we ban hate speech and hate preaching. @LauraJanklaus #banconversiontherapy

Bob Dylans 80th birthday


Mad World –

Jehovah Tsidkenu

Uni – Lecturers at Edinburgh University have been handed a list of “microinsults” including “all women hate their periods” and “I wanted to be a boy when I was a child” under new transgender friendly guidance.


University of Melbourne water resources specialist Anna Kosovac, ‘Boys and their toys’: how overt masculinity dominates Australia’s relationship with water.

Kings Solomons Ships…


This is wonderful – Twenty Schemes Music have really developed!

Why are the poor in my own town a stranger to me….how dwelleth the love of God in me?

 Quantum 145 – Speak the Truth.

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  1. Regarding Humza Yousaf, I learned at a prayer meeting this morning from someone who prays with the 60 or so folk who pray online weekly with the Scottish Parliamentary Prayer group that Humza’s brother actually lives in Gaza. This might well influence Humza’s take on the current flare up of violence between Israel and Hamas, with so many innocent lives being lost, particularly on the Gaza Strip, but also in Israel.

  2. Is there no other way to support your work except by undertaking a monthly commitment? Would like to make a one off contribution to your podcast work. Please advise.
    S Smith

  3. “The first council of Nicaea’s first action was to try to limit the leadership roles of trans pastors and bishops.”
    I wonder what the documentary evidence is for the existence of “trans pastors and bishops” prior to AD 325.
    But making up history is nothing new in the history of religion. There is, for example, the invented history that true Christianity was preserved throughout the centuries before the Protestant Reformation by a group called the Culdees.
    Then there is the Black Legend of the Inquisition which still colours most people’s understanding of the methods and purposes of the Spanish Inquistion.
    People have always invented their own version of history in order to justify their own religious views.

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