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Call to Prayer – Ps 101, Augustine, Israel, Vaccine and Prayers

This weeks Covid Prayer notes. 

This is where I sit some mornings to think and pray….it’s just one km from our flat…

Psalm 101    Please read the whole Psalm:

I will not look with approval on anything that is vile. I hate what faithless people do; I will have no part in it. 4 The perverse of heart shall be far from me; I will have nothing to do with what is evil

This is a psalm of resolution from the King.   He determines to have high personal standards and high standards in the court.  In a society that is racked by corruption, sexual abuse, lies and evil; is this not the answer?  Leaders who hold themselves and their organisations responsible to the standards of God, and who live consistently what they profess.  This is a psalm for our times.

Right is right even if no one is doing it; wrong is wrong even if everyone is doing it.” (Augustine)

Petition: Please join with us in praying for:

1.The World   – The number of confirmed cases is 162,767,496 (+ 4,813,414;   -12%) The number of deaths of people with Covid 3,374,566, (up 85,574; -5%).  The countries causing most concern at the moment are India, Peru, Nepal and the Philippines.

2. AustraliaThere have been 29,975 cases in total (up 52 compared with 99 the week before).   1 locally acquired case in Victoria in the past week.

State Total Cases Weekly Change TW/LW Total Deaths Change in Deaths TW/LW
ACT 124 0 (+0) 3 0
NSW 5,558 + 26 (48) 54 0
NT 169 +2 (+1) 0 0
QLD 1,589 +25 (+16) 7 (+1)
SA 742 +2 (+13) 4 0
TAS 234 + 0 (0) 13 0
VIC 20,544  +35 (+24) 820 0
WA 1,015 +2 (+8) 9 0

There are 17 people in hospital (-18) with 3 in ICU (+1).  There were 321,267 tests with 0.2% positive. There are 154 active cases (-60).

3. Vaccine and Cures – There have been 1.45 billion vaccine doses administered (+180million).  In Australia 3 million vaccines have been administered – 12% of the population.  The largest effect so far has been seen in the UK.  In India 13% of people have now been vaccinated.

4. Church – Remember the church in Israel – both Jewish and Arab believers.  Pray for the Jewish people throughout the world – but especially in the West, where they are encountering increased anti-Semitism.  Some of the chants at demonstrations in European and Australian city protests were chilling.

5.  Personal and Family – Pray for those who are struggling with not being able to see or visit family in other countries – or have them visit.  Pray for wisdom for the government as they decide when it will be possible to open up Australia again.

A Prayer of Repentance:

O Lord, we confess that too often we tolerate evil.  We do not even seek to live blameless lives, far less have the ability to do it.  We do not conduct our affairs with a blameless heart, we are proud, and we tolerate those who slander in secret and who practice deceit.  Teach us to be faithful to you and humble in your service, In Jesus Name.  Amen.

Song:  Here is a version in Hebrew and Arabic of Psalm 122 praying for the piece of Jerusalem.

A Prayer of Thanksgiving:

I will sing of your love and justice. To you, LORD, I will sing praise. 2 I will be careful to lead a blameless life—when will you come to me? Lord, enable us to live a life in the forgiveness and mercy of Christ,


Call to Prayer – India, Australia, the World, Ps 100, John Flavel, Prayers and Vaccine News


  1. OK – the Psalm is of a king who “determines to have high personal standards and high standards in the court” in principle. It’s also the Psalm of a king who committed adultery and then murder.

    And what do we see happening in Israel. I hear your “call to prayer” with an emphasis on it being for Jewish people with anti-Semitism. As you know the Semites are people of the region including Palestinians. So what about the anti-Palestinian that exists among Jews? In Christ there is no Jew or Gentile?

    So, an amen to your prayer of confession about tolerating evil and enablement to live a life in the forgiveness and mercy of Christ. I don’t know anything else that will alleviate the mess that the middle east is in at the moment!

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