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Who was Jesus?

A couple of weeks ago I posted the first part of a two part series I did at St Thomas’s – Can the Bible be Believed Today?   This is part two – it was meant to be about ‘the historical Jesus’ but in reality was more about why we can and should believe in Jesus.  The sermon was from Paul’s Athens talk – in Acts 17.

I have also written about this in Magnificent Obsession.  I had a great time at the St Thomas’s Lights group on Friday – 120 young people discussing why we should listen to the words of Jesus.  I had a group of around 25 year nine boys afterwards – some of it was tough and the responses reflected those Paul got in Athens!  – but I was delighted to give a copy of Magnificant Obsession to a young man who asked for it.  Please pray for the remarkable ministry of St Thomas’s amongst young people.

Magnificent Obsession – Why Jesus is Great



    1. If we’re talking about the historical Jesus, then the title is correct – Who WAS Jesus?

      Yes, of course, Jesus is alive, so what you say is correct, too.

  1. Today , the Bible is regarded as a Talisman (apologies to Scotland’s greatest writer ) and , though still printed in large , if diminishing numbers , found mainly ( undisturbed) on bookshelves, as in my Scottish boyhood.

    Prior to enquiring of any Scotsman , ” Who was Jesus ?” , perhaps we should ask any random person to “name any two of the Synoptic Gospels” – and prepare to weep.

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