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Quantum 145 – Speak the Truth.

This weeks Quantum asserts the importance of truth as argued by Jordan Peterson, contrasts Johnny Rotten and Bill Gates;  Native American creationism; the rich oppressed and the poor oppressors; primary school bans gender language; Trevor Phillips; Sweden bans puberty blockers; London police arrest preacher;  Finnish politician faces jail for preaching the Bible;  Madrid’s surprise election result;  France and Jersey; the CCP buys up Britain; Happy Birthday; Sadiq Khan and the denial of truth; La Traviata….

You can listen to it here  (or Itunes or Spotify)

Links below:

Because YouTube keep banning me from posting embedded posts I am just putting the links to the music here – We have music from Dolly Parton (DIVORCE) , the Sex Pistols (Pretty Vacant) , the Spanish National Anthem, a Chopin version of Happy Birthday, and La Traviata  

Jordan Peterson has an inspiring understanding of the importance of truth….

Whilst Bill and Melinda Gates divorce because they ‘can no longer grow together’ – former Sex Pistol, Johnny Lydon (Rotten), shows how to care for your wife – 

Birmingham school bans gender talk


Sweden bans puberty blockers and this US teacher bravely speaks the truth.

An elderly pastor in London is arrested – and a Finnish politician faces jail for citing the Bible.


Madrid elects a conservative government, France threatens Jersey, China funds New Zealand Labour party.  The CCP buys up much of Britain

It’s election time in the UK – This is an astonishing clip where London Mayor Sadiq Khan denies reality…

A New Gospel Opportunity for Sydney

Opera Lessons – La Traviata

Quantum 144 – India, Chad, Les McKeown, Teenage Sexual Media, ScoMo’s Christianity, the Oscars and more!

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  1. There’s a lot in there David. ‘Can no longer grow together’ as a reason for divorce well, isn’t it true that God granted divorce because of calloused hearts? So what has one or the other or both done to stop being loving? Because unless that is addressed then any “growth” sadly is one that’s not a loving one.

    I remember seeing Jon Lydon appear on Piers Morgan’s life stories where he talked of the anger expressed in his music came form having meningitis as a child and the nurses saying he had to become angry to beat it with his mantra being “anger is an energy”. How many of us as teenagers have felt like a “potential H bomb” and can resonate wiht that. It’s not the anger that’s the issue but what the cause of it is and what we do with it to disperse it. Amusingly all of what he said about anarchy he didn’t mean and he actually quite likes the queen according to the interview.

    Dave Rubin writes in his tweet “if we all boldly told the truth right now, consequences be damned, I think we could turn this descent into Marxist hell around more quickly that we can possibly imagine. (But it’s not without risk.)” And wiht a link to Jordan Peterson saying “whatever happens as a consequence of truth is the best thing that can happen” and therefore if you believe that then you have a responsibility to be truthful and it being an “article of faith” and of “divine significance”. Powerful stuff. Well whether it is a Marxist, Capitalist or any other kind of hell then speaking truth certainly will help prevent it as it being part of the “armour of God” in fighting the good fight of the gospel. Making things good. Or as I like to put it alchemising pain into beauty.

    It was really interesting in the Andrew Neil interview. That if someone was a Nazi they would have come up wiht critical race theory. “You are born with original sin” so all you can be is a bit less racist in critical race theory. And it doing nothing to improve “people of colour” where anyone who is black ends up begging “please be nice to us”. And Andrew Neil talking about there being a message of hope with there being changes since the 50s and 60s with BLM being taken over by white people.

    So a message of hope, truth, care for the vulnerable (wiht John Lydon caring for his wife with alzheimers) sounds a lot like the purest form of religion. “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world” (James 1:27).

    Perhaps something going on here that the church can learn from?

  2. 1 Great podacast
    2 Conservatives win Hartlepool. Just saying, not celebrating. Roll over, Andy and Flo Cap. They are no more!
    3 Truth, science, origin of Covid, CCP,
    For a lengthy but deeply unsettling assessment, this is worth spending some time reading.
    For those who worship science, it is faith negating. It is a reminder of the dominance of lack of integrity, of serving own and corporate and national and interests, of non-disclosure of conflict of scientific interests. More than that, there hovers over it the spectre of germ warfare if a small step in the wrong direction is taken, as humanity in all its falleness takes the place of the Good God of Christianity as creator.
    It comes courtesy of Ross Douthat (USA) via Andrew J Wilson tweet

    4 For the first time I heard an ache in the voice, singing of Dolly Parton. Perhaps I’ve missed it all along.

    5 Truly, properly shocked and surprised by Rotten Johnney. He deserves a knighthood! Or at least renaming, Covenanting – Johnney B good.

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