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Quantum 138 – The Woke, the Weird, the Wealthy and the Wonderful

This weeks Quantum  looks at abortion in Northern Ireland, Conversion Therapy, China, the Netherlands, Niger, Brazil, Luis Palau, John Polkinghorne, Murray Walker, Sarah Everard,  Cardi Tee, Willie Phillip, its a mad world, arrested for misgendering his daughter, Californian paganism,  Masao Yoshia, Hitler’s mother, and City Alight’s New Song – It is Finished on the Cross.


Good news about Abortion in Northern Ireland.  On Monday night, the Fetal Impairment Abortion (Amendment) bill passed the second stage in the Northern Ireland Assembly, by 48 votes to 12.

Steve Chalke goes full on in his attack on religious freedom.

If Conversion Therapy is Banned, it is the Bible that will be Silenced

In Beijing , 3,000 strong National People’s Congress approved plans to make a list of patriots only candidacy for election to the Hong Kong Legislative Council. Dante is censored.

Brazil backs Huawei in return for Chinese Covid vaccine.

Niger – At least 58 people have been killed in Niger after attacks near the border with Mali.

The Dutch election results –

John Polkinghorne dies –

And Murray Walker 



7) It’s a mad world.

A prominent Episcopal school in New York City is standing by its decision to publish an “Inclusive Language Guide” after the document received criticism for, among other things, encouraging students to refrain from using terms such as “Mom” and “Dad.”

California teaches pupils to chant to the Aztec deity of human sacrifice.

The amazing story of  Masao Yoshida –

A new book about Hitler’s mother 

Quantum 137 – The Podcast for Ordinary People and Radicals –

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  1. Re NI abortion-there are groups like CBRNI who oppose the amendment Bill. CBRNI argue that attempts, worldwide, to negotiate with abortionists, always result in compromise and defeat. CBRNI favour adopting what they call an abolitionist position. Why not look up CBRNI? They ar bereave people. There is evidence of them possibly being involved in the closure of an abortion facility in Ballymena. They are targeting others, including one in Coleraine, which may have replaced the Ballymena facility.

  2. Another bit of news: the neo-pagan Dark Mofo arts festival (which featured satanic inverted crosses dotted around Hobart a few years ago to the chagrin of the Anglican Church ) is going woke this year by featuring a British flag soaked in indigenous blood:

    Dark Mofo was founded by David Walsh, an eccentric who made his fortune as a professional gambler in South Africa. He established the MONA alternative arts gallery in Hobart and the Dark Mofo festival is sn extension of that.

  3. Who was John Polkinhorne?
    He was a mathematical physicist who later became an Anglican priest. His chief claim to fame was that he partnered with a famous Scottish apologist-philosopher-evangelist in a debate at the University of Cambridge. The Englishman and the Scotsman were appointed to argue for the existence of God before the union members. Polkie confided in his friend that he thought they might lose this one. However, as the debate proceeded, an opponent left himself open, the Scot drew his rapier wit and, with divine help, slew the enemy with a devastating riposte! The Scot and Polkie WON the debate!
    So now you know all you need to know about John Polkinhorne.
    — Narcissus

    A joke’s a joke
    And a Polk’s a Polk
    But a Polk in the eye
    Is no joke

  4. Probably time for a news detox! Partly it’s skewed by what is accessible for free, but the most wearying thing about the BBC and the Guardian is what seems to be a sudden ‘The world doesn’t have to be this way’ ramp up over the last 10 days or so. We just need some left wing politicians, men locked up at home and made to realise that we are controlling women’s choices when we hold doors open for them. Oh and get rid of the Queen, the Met Police Commissioner, and the Tories because they are a facist menace (spoiler: they are just corrupt idiots trying to preserve an image in a life and death situation, and failing). And stop anyone over 50 having an opinion because we’re old, ignorant, and just getting in the way of young progressives who have all the answers and should have been allowed to run the show ages ago.

    The devil must be laughing his socks off at successfully fostering the delusion that humans are completely reasonable and could get it right if they only tried, whilst undergoing another pointless ritual purification poking us down another equality dead end, pretending the latest attack on the streets is going to be the one that changes everything, and doing his utmost to divert attention away from the one direction mankind could look but resolutely won’t. It was easier as a teenager when all these things still happened and we didn’t have this ridiculous pretence, even though things happened then that should never be tolerated. But at least we didn’t seem to be prey to this total modern delusional approach. Maybe just remind myself that I’m not alone and millions of others don’t go for it either, only they don’t own newspapers. Pray for God to lift this spirit of delusion!

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