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Quantum 137 – The Podcast for Ordinary People and Radicals –

This edition looks at the fallout from the Oprah interview, explosion in Equatorial Guinea, the face coverings ban in Switzerland, Jayne Ozanne and Conversion Therapy;  The horrific results of believing lies; The Archbishop of Canterbury’s attack on the Archbishop of Nigeria; several examples of the madness of the world elitist culture at the moment; Muppet warning; Apartheid graduate ceremonies; Tom Holland on Empires and the Bible; and two great protest songs from The Imagined Village and Christy Moore.  All links below….listen on Spotify, iTunes or by clicking this link.




Further Reflections and The  Best Article on the Oprah/Meghan and Harry Show.

Why was I Cancelled and Repented for by Premier Christianity?

Harry, Meghan and Oprah: An interview fit for a kingless society


Explosion in Equatorial Guinea

Switzerland bans face coverings 


.Jayne Ozanne demands that the government punish bible believing Christians

French schoolgirl admits she lied about school teacher who was murdered by Islamist extremist

The Archbishop of Canterbury condemns the Archbishop of Nigeria (and the Apostle Paul?)….

Its a mad world – A historian seeks to find LGBT Britons who helped with the Industrial Revolution. 

Dr Seuss cancelled… 

Muppet warning….


3 year olds in Arizona are racist…

The ABC in Australia speaks of pregnant people.

Columbia University has separate graduation ceremonies for Black, Asian, LGBTQI, Native, Latinx, the Poor….unbelievable.  Woke America restarts Apartheid.

Tom Holland talks about the anti-imperialist bible –

And then, since we are in a revolutionary mood,  we finish with two great protest songs – listen to them both in full. !


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  1. Thanks, Pastor. A really good podcast this week, with lots of topics of interest.

    Perhaps as per that conversation on here recently empires are morally ambiguous though as they can be used for good as networks for missionaries, with both post-Constantine Rome and the British Empire being key examples as counterweights to the atrocities committed in their names.

    Sorry – I was going to write a lot more but something has just come up so I have to run.

    I saw this on the news too. What are the implications for churches?

    God bless. I hope you are feeling better today.

  2. Thank you for the Waldorf and Statler clip . Superb curmudgeons both.

    The idea of an anti – Imperialist Bible is interesting in two ways.

    Firstly, the OT was much concerned with promising God’s Chosen People possession of lands belonging to Gentiles , e.g., The Canaanites “land of milk and honey”.

    Secondly , the difference between long – term , settler Colonialism ( Canada , Australia , NZ ) and the temporary presence of Imperialism ( India , Nigeria , Malaya) must be appreciated and not conflated.

    For example Nigerian Christians and their fellow Muslims , now free of British rule and Arab slave – traders , are both victims of menticide , that is to say ,Colonialism of the Mind .

    1. The case has generated a lot of anger amongst women including MPs. There are vigils planned which are currently being negotiated due to covid restrictions still being in force. The guy under arrest is a 48 year old copper with the met diplomatic protection force, but has only been serving for 3 years (make of that what you will). Maybe he just flashed his warrant card and pulled her for ‘words of advice’ about being out in lockdown? We shall see. Women are indeed fed up with the take care out there message, and being effectively curfewed from sundown. Although the met police commissioner, Cressida Dick, pointed out that street abductions are rare, nevertheless at least 6 or 7 women have died in violent assaults in the last 10 days after Sarah went missing. When Libby Squire was murdered in Hull, at least two lots of people came to try and help her as she was too drunk to help herself. If only they had called an ambulance and stayed around, she ‘might’ be alive. But then her assailant should have left her alone, no question.

      Whilst there just seems nowhere for women to go with this, having a male curfew will surely only lead to more drunkenness and violence at home. The logic of it is spot on, but is this world that logical?

  3. I hope you are feeling better after your poor treatment by the Christian news site. You are in my prayers, Pastor.

    Meghan’s friends have apparently started releasing emails that back up the claims she made in the Oprah interview.

    God bless.

  4. Hi David, I just listened to the podcast. Thanks for a great analysis and I hope you are OK. There is one thing that occurred to me while listening: perhaps the reason why celebrities and elites seem to have so much disdain or even hatred for Western democracies is that Western democracies are the only countries where celebrities and elites are subject to the same laws and restrictions as everyone else.

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