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Happy New Year – Quantum 127 – Reflecting on the Year through Music.

Happy New Year – this weeks Quantum takes a review of 2020 and some personal reflection – using my most listened to music on Spotify.  Hope you find it helpful and that you have a Great New Year.  You can listen to it here –

<iframe title=”Quantum 127 – Happy New Year – and some Reflections on the Old through Music” height=”122″ width=”100%” style=”border: none;” scrolling=”no” data-name=”pb-iframe-player” src=”″></iframe&gt;

Here are the links…




Quantum 126 – 2020 Christmas Special



  1. In Bob Marley’s classic , ‘No Woman No Cry’ the line which stands out is ” In this great future you can’t forget your past”.

    This is only partly true because , absent Christian belief , and no one would wish to return to unremembered Paganism . The Scottish Enlightenment which reduced God’s social status except among hoi polloi, was a double edged sword , viz., atheism made sense to many scientists but the ineluctable result of it was the proletarian, hate filled French Revolution.

    Anyway Bob Marley’s tune is nicely played here :

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