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Quantum 120 – Injecting Hope – I’m in Love with My Car – and other weird and wonderful world stories…

Quantum 120 –  You can listen to the whole podcast here –

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Quantum 120 looks at world news – including Covid in the UK, alcohol in the UAE,  the worlds longest serving Prime Minister dies; China crushes Hong Kong;  Brexit talks break down over fishing; Azerbaijan wins war over Nagorno-Krabakh; War in Ethiopia

We also cover Woke Weirdness –  FA Chairman forced to resign over use of ‘coloured‘; people making fake marriages in Bejing in order to get cars; Throuples go mainstream. 

ChurchCardinal fooled two popes over sex abuseHillsong Pastors adultery; Kenneth Copeland and the false prophets.

US Election – Muslim voters for Trump; Bidens dangerous speech; and Corruption.

Culture – Iceland football chant and commentator..


In Memoriam:

Ken Spears

Rabbi Sachs

Nick Challis –

Gina Macarthur…

And we finish with a great song from Mark Knopfler – Cannibals…



Quantum 119 – US Election; Sean Connery; Austria; Joe Rogan; NZ; Covid in Africa; Bobby Ball;Bobby Ball; Closing churches; Baby Shark; Abortion in Poland; Revolution; Psalm 121



  1. You might take note that many/most of the news links you provide require the reader to subscribe. Times, Australian etc.

    Glad you post the religious topics, though I doubt you recognise the irony.

    1. You are very fortunate that the blogger tolerates your insolence, not to mention your impertinence.

      Keep it up, please, sans rudeness.

  2. Regarding the Covid-19 Vaccine, while we wait:

    Three simple rules to follow, to avoid suffering from the virus:

    1. Keep taking Vitamin D3 while we’re short of sunlight during the Northern Hemisphere winter.
    2. If you’re overweight, slim down.
    3. Eat healthy foods.

    The best thing is to avoid it in the first place, but if we do catch it these help to keep our immune systems healthy and defeat the virus before it affects us too badly, if at all.

    But what puzzles me most of all is why our governments fail to give us this simple advice.

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