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Kitchen Table 24 – Brave New World or 1984?

This weeks Kitchen Table – Brave New World or 1984?


Kitchen Table 23 – Covid and the Poor

Welcome to the Brave New World of 1984 UK style – where religion must have a government approved stamp.



  1. Soft power is also at work through the BBC. You can’t watch a single program without seeing their virtue signalling. Even the news is heavily skewed. Instead of reporting facts and leaving the viewer to do their own thinking, they oil the stories with emotional interviews designed to induce sympathetic responses. It’s as I’ve heard you say regarding education. We are being told what to think and not how to think.

    1. The BBC is aimed at women ( and timid men ) , as your reference to “emotional interviews designed to induce sympathetic responses” strongly indicates.

      Every loaded question by a BBC propagandist masquerading as a journalist commences “How do you feel about the oppression of – everyone poor and non – White ?”

      I await the logical reply , ” Well I do not feel anything because I do not confuse my cerebral mechanism with my glands . I’ll tell what I think though”.

  2. Also , if I may be permitted a rant , the BBC is very quick to condemn “Islamophobia” where none exists while never reporting the imported racial and domestic religious phobias that they wholeheartedly support , viz. , Leukophobia and Christophobia.

  3. David & Steve! What a great summary of both books! May Christian people far and wide heed the situation and respond with vigour, passion, and intelligence!

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