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Quantum 119 – US Election; Sean Connery; Austria; Joe Rogan; NZ; Covid in Africa; Bobby Ball;Bobby Ball; Closing churches; Baby Shark; Abortion in Poland; Revolution; Psalm 121

This weeks Quantum looks at the US election and then covers issues all over the world, from Euthanasia in New Zealand to Covid in Africa; the death of 007; Islamist attacks in Austria and France; Corbyn suspended from the Labour party; May warns about closing churches in the UK; the attempted censorship of Joe Rogan; Covid in Africa; the death of comedian Bobby Ball; Persecution of Christians in Pakistan; the Beatles Revolution; Abortion in Poland; the phenomena of Baby Shark; Online dating and Psalm 121 – some great clips

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Here are some of the links….

Donald Trump and the Death of Identity Politics.

Sean Connery  

Austrian Attack

Nice Attack

Corbyn Suspended 



Covid in the UK and Africa

Covid in Africa – A Revealing Interview with Marsali Campbell in Uganda 

Bobby Ball –


Persecution in Pakistan…

What is the most watched YouTube video ever?  It’s a South Korean children’s video – Baby Shark…now has over seven billion views!  Warning – don’t watch this…if you do you will take days to get it out of your head!


Do you think Quantum should start online dating?!

This is a great new version of Psalm 121

Catch up on last weeks here – Quantum 118 – Sudan; Nigeria; Trump in Church; Maureen; Hillsong; Transgender; Abortion; The Progressive Gang; Guns; and the Beautiful Name

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  1. I recall being at a Christian meeting in Yorkshire where Bobby Ball was the star turn, full of wise cracks and laugh out loud jokes as a warm up act to his own testimony of conversion to Christ.
    In the zeal of an adult convert he teased “submarine Christians” who disappear during the week, to resurface on Sunday. Of course none of us is like that, so we all laughed (at ourselves?)

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