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Letter from Australia 66 – Pro-Choice

Letter from Australia 66 – Pro-Choice

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Greetings from a dreich, wet and (relatively) cold Sydney..We’ve already had lots of rain and we are expecting much more this week.  Not that we are complaining – this time last year we had drought and bushfires – we were praying for rain. Our prayers have been answered.


Of course, although we are in a different city and country, we continue to remember and pray for Scotland and Dundee.  I still read The Courier and was intrigued by this letter that came from Neil Barber from Edinburgh Secular Society.


I could not resist the opportunity to point out not only the falsehoods in the letter, but to point to the choice we all have.  This is what the Courier published.

Sadly, they edited the letter and in so doing they changed the whole meaning by missing out the main point.  The letter was supposed to end:  “They can go with the love of Christ or the narrow-minded cant of the NSS”…

And that really is the choice we have – as a society and as individuals.  We can choose to love and serve Christ or go with the alternative.   The term pro-choice has been taken over by the pro-abortionists.  In saying that a woman has the ‘right’ to do what she wants with her own body (none of us male or female, have that as an absolute right), they forget that there are at least two other bodies involved – the father and of course the child.   I am not pro-choice in that sense.  But I am pro-choice in that we as human beings are called to repent, have faith and come to Christ.  Like Joshua we can choose this day whom we will serve (Joshua 24:15).  A truth expressed in this great Dylan song.

Speaking of choice – Annabel and I were in the Koorong Christian bookshop the other week – it is an excellent resource with a wide selection of books, music and films.  Of course, in having a wide selection there are some things that are not so good.

But then we can choose not to buy Joyce’s Bible!  But I was cheered to see that the young people of Australia have such good taste that they made A.S.K their no.1 youth book!


In life we face many choices;  this week we will doubtless have to make choices. But we will never make a more important decision than to choose eternal life.  I pray that if you have not already made that choice, you will do so,

See you next week,


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  1. “the narrow-minded cant of the NSS”

    Some who call themselves “secularists” are not. They are actually supremacists on behalf of their own faith, which is a type of atheism. You have done well over the years to expose this misrepresentation in the case of the Edinburgh lot.

    I predicted wrongly that this error would feature in the response of the NSS to the Ashers case and was presently surprised when they sided with Ashers, not the LGBT agent provocateur Lee.

    I would call myself a secularist to some degree. However, for me to call myself a secularist as these people misuse the word would be for me to betray Christ.

    Ironically, since we are talking about the choice we have, one of the most frequently-recited but shallow rhetorics against God recited by those who would spread Atheism seems nowadays to be that if God were good, he would not allow his creatures to make evil choices.

    I am pleased that you wrote this piece in such a way that it contained some low-key evangelism for the general reader

  2. “But then we can choose not to buy Joyce’s Bible! ”

    Just as Christians are free to also not choose John MacArthur’s either. But that’s the beauty of free will, isn’t it.

  3. There is no evidence that life is eternal.
    Why on earth do you punt such nonsense, David?

    And noone is a ”pro-abortionist”. The term is pro-choice and rightly so. Your emotive terminology is borderline disingenuous.

    1. I see that your usual fuzzy relationship with truth is on display again. Yes – there is evidence that life is eternal – but there are none so blind as those that will not see…and the term is pro-abortion. We are talking about abortion and whether you are for or against it. Someone who is for it is pro-abortion. I realise that this is outwith your normal parameters – but we like to use logic, reason and the plain use of language. We don’t engage in atheist sophistries.. ‘pro-choice’ is of course nothing of the sort – for the child in the womb. And yes there is a human child there – but again science is not really your forte either!

    2. I am sure that you are willing to provide all the evidence in your possession that metempsychosis does not exist . Please provide it at your earliest convenience.

      1. What would you accept as evidence that there was no such thing as metempsychosis? And why metempsychosis, given that David does not believe in that doctrine any more than does Arkenaten?

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