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Politics and Abortion – An Interview on Branch FM


This is an interview I did with Barnabas Childs on Branch FM….looking at the podcast, personal testimony, should Christians be involved in politics,  before the majority of the interview then goes on to discuss abortion…


The links below are to the two articles referred to in the interview….

Taxpayers’ money supports industrial scale slaughter of babies in the womb – Scotsman Article

Ireland Regresses; Sunday, Bloody Sunday


  1. The movie Unplanned is sweeping the US and showing the brutality of abortion. It’s the true story of a Planned Parenthood center manager who turns pro-life after seeing an abortion for the first time. The reality is at six weeks, the earliest a baby can be aborted, a heart beat is detected and all organs are existing – and it is scientifically shown that each child feels pain. The bigger the baby the more planned parenthood charges to take its life. It’s a world wide holocaust for sure. Thank you for writing on this terribly important issue.

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