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Letter: Rev Robertson’s God delusion
The Courier & Advertiser 1 May 2015

Sir, – I would like to thank Rev David Robertson and Mr Stuart Wishart for their answers to my question: “If God created all mankind, by definition, he also created people of the LGBT nature as well. So why would he punish them for being what he created?”My question was sparked by an earlier article in The Courier which highlighted the constantly declining numbers of church congregations, often accelerated by their refusal to accept gay ministers, but denied, irrespective of facts, by many including Mr Robertson.

Of course, the real answer is that God only exists in the minds of his believers.Otherwise, why did we have two world wars within 20 years of each other and against the same country, in which millions of people died? Had an all-powerful God really existed, we would not have any wars at all, ever. Perhaps a better response is Stephen Fry’s interview on You Tube called, Stephen Fry on God. It is well worth a watch.

And finally, as an aside, there are an estimated 4,200 religions in this world.Of course, they all claim to be the only true religion and pathway into heaven. So, we’re all doomed, Mr Robertson, all doomed!

Howard Evans.

Letter: Humanity is better with God

The Courier & Advertiser 5 May 2015

Sir, – Howard Evans (May 1) stated that he had never heard the question of why God created LGBT people answered.When I answered it his response was that he did not really mean the question because he considers all belief in God to be a delusion anyway.His evidence for this is apparently the two world wars in which millions of people died.

I can understand this being evidence against the idea that human beings are inherently good but why is it evidence against God?An all-powerful God could easily have created human beings with free will whom he allowed to reap the consequences of their own actions.

He cites Stephen Fry’s rather juvenile and irrational attack on God as support. If Mr Evans is really interested in finding out answers to such accusations he could go to the Solas website (www.solas-cpc.org) where we have produced our own response to Stephen Fry.

As for the idea that because there are 4,200 religious views in the world, none of them can be right, I’m afraid that does not make sense either.It seems as though Mr Evans is saying that only his religious view is the correct one. Perhaps the delusion is not in those of us who believe that an almighty God could and has revealed himself through his son, Jesus Christ, but rather with those who think that their view that human beings are inherently progressive is the only view permitted.

As I look round the world today I have a suspicion that the evidence is clearly against those who think that humanity is better without God.

David A Robertson. Solas Centre for Public Christianity, Swan House, Dundee.

The original correspondence referred to is here –


And here is the video referred to


  1. It is actually quite funny what Evans wrote with the implied caricaturing of you David, with the allusion to a character from Dad’s Army with “we’re all doomed” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w7RIgs3eygo. I put it up there with Dawkin’s talk of you being a flea but not quite as impressive as his “David Robertson is a self-righteous narrow minded, up his own XXX thick as pig XXX moronic retard!”.

    I could keep having fun with it with ore tongue in cheek comments but at some point I guess there is a need to be a little more serious. It’s obvious to the discerning eye that again Evans has the presumption that God, (if he exists) would “punish” one for being the way he created. In this letter, it’s obvious that he has gone down a similar path as Dawkins in equating belief in God as that of Santa Claus, the tooth fairy, and the spaghetti monster with the presupposition that he “only exists in the minds of his believers”. Mocking with contempt as Dawkins advocates.

    Well if his endorsement of the bus campaign in London is anything to go by with the claim that there is probably no God then he perhaps will be doing more for Christian evangelicalism than some Christian evangelicals. Hasn’t Dawkins encouraged people to read the bible?

    Now if that is not enough to consider it worthwhile to ponder that God might exist and if he does that he just might have a sense of humour, I don’t know what is.

    As you rightly point out, it can be as easily asserted that any one view being put forward as the correct one could be a made out to be a delusion by way of one or two presuppositions.

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