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Breaking the Political Mould

This weeks kitchen table discusses whether Jacinda Ardern is the future of our politics….

Politics seems to be so divisive. Leaders are either weak or authoritarian strongmen who create havoc. There are exceptions – one of which appears to be Jacinda Ardern – the NZ Prime Minister.


The Kitchen Table 20 – Made in the Image of God – President Trump

The Dining Table – Melvin Tinker – Cultural Marxism



  1. A globalist , ex-Mormon agnostic with strong affinity to Communism in addition to the abortion outrage legislation.

  2. I ‘ve watched a couple of videos about her. Seems like a level-headed, no nonsense woman.

    It’s refreshing that she identifies as agnostic – but I’ll bet her ‘feet’ are more in the atheist camp than tap-dancing in the ‘neutral zone’ (apologies to Gene Rodenberry).

    Of course this stance would be political suicide in the USA, which illustrates how unenlightened the US is on many levels.

    And in my view she is smart, well spoken and astute, and good looking, which, sexist as that might seem, encourages one not only to look but listen as well.

    Good for her.

    1. Agnosticism is not an intellectual position . Her stance on this reminds me of the story of Karl Popper on a London bus journey during which he overheard a woman condoling with her friend over a family tragedy :

      ” Look my dear , sad as all this is , you must be philosophical about this event – try not to think about it”.

      1. @ Alistair.
        She is also a politician and maybe admitting to being agnostic rather than stating she is atheist is the ‘safer’ stance to take ?
        She could also be an agnostic atheist?

  3. I meant to include this ….

    Is this the part of the law you do not agree with, David?

    Section 11: After 20 weeks, a health practitioner can only provide abortion services to a woman if it is deemed clinically appropriate and if they consult at least one other qualified practitioner.

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