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The Dining Table – Melvin Tinker – Cultural Marxism

In the latest Dining Table Rob Smith and I discuss Cultural Marxism with Melvyn Tinker, the author  of That Hideous Strength – How the West Was Lost – Melvin Tinker Part 1   

(an apology for the sound – there were difficulties at Melvin’s end – but the quality of the content is superb!)

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  1. Cultural Marxism is of course the raison d’etre of that spurious concept , White Privilege .

    Here’s a White American clergyman who has swallowed the sucker – bait whole :

    And here’s some common sense :

    1. “Nobody has privileged Whites, unless it is God doing the privileging by making Whites a better race in general.”
      Alastair: this is “common sense”?? Really???!

    2. White Privilege …. spurious concept

      Really? I guess you’ve never experienced Apartheid, then, have you Alistair?

      1. Apartheid , a defunct system foreign to Europe , was a Boer , post – war creation and was ended in 1994 by the Boer , FW De Klerk.

        Also , during the Apartheid era , millions of African Blacks migrated to SA to work in mines and farms.

        I suppose White Privilege might be taken to mean an average IQ inequality ( 100 for Whites , 70 for SA Blacks ) but if ‘Deus vult’ then so be it.

      2. Nebulous would be a better word than spurious.

        White privilege under Apartheid wasn’t at all nebulous or spurious though. (Apartheid is something I know a little bit about, second hand. You lived through it though, didn’t you?)

        As an experiment, I once negotiated, on my own, a better deal on some clearance stock furniture in Michigan than my female, African American companion had managed to on her own a few minutes before. She got the offer down to 50% off. I managed to get 60% off “for you”, by being an Englishman and reading the white staff member’s name badge and asking him whether a certain English bishop had been one of his family. The bishop turned out to be an ancestor of the staff member. My friend went ballistic and caused a scene. I was so embarrassed.

        In general, I am not aware of enjoying any privilege because I am white though.

    3. @John Allman

      Yes, I lived through some of it – 1979 until democracy in ’94.

      Almost every aspect of South African life was designed to put white people ‘on top’ at the expense of every other race.

      I once witnessed an African woman go into labour and give birth outside Woolworths on xmas eve in downtown Jo’burg.
      An ambulance arrived but it was one for ‘Whites’. The woman waited with her baby for about 30 minutes before the ”right” ambulance arrived.
      I could hardly believe it then and even today it still makes me shake my head in almos disbelief.

      In general, I am not aware of enjoying any privilege because I am white though.

      Good grief! Your furniture tale was the epitome of white privilage!

      1. The furniture anecdote wasn’t any sort of formal white privilege. I merely chatted up a shopkeeper and got a good deal, by asking him about his ancestors in England, because I knew of someone famous in history with the same surname, a Christian martyr of the Reformation. I was awfully embarrassed when my Afcan Merkin g/f made a scene about it. I wish I hadn’t bet her I could get the furniture cheaper than she could. It was the only time in my life I could have gained an advantage by successfully exploiting the common ethnicity of myself and someone I was negotiating business with. I felt like a cad when she went off on one, busting him to his employer.

        No, the epitome of white privilege in the 20th century was Apartheid.

        When I was courting Mpumi, and she mentioned white people collectively as “you”, addressing me, I told her straight: Apartheid had not been my fault. She accepted that. So should you.

        During the school strike, Mpumi cradled one of her students in her arms whilst she died, shot by one or other two drunk, white cops. I’ve got lots of stories like yours about the ambulance.

        Inkhosi mayibe nawe.

    4. @ JohnAllman
      At no point did I even suggest Apartheid was ”your fault”. What a ridiculous assertion.

      We are talking White Privilage – how whites in many societies have benefitted, directly or indirectly from the actions of white people over their non-white counterparts.
      And yes, you and I have have both benefitted from all sorts of tacit and overt discrimination over the centuries via practices that have traditionally benefitted white people, whether we are talking slavery as the foundation of the US economy or the mineral imports from South Africa.

      I’ve got lots of stories like yours about the ambulance.

      Good for you. I experienced such action first hand for years.

      So you should have the humilty to recognise that your skin colour has been the benefit of white privilage.

    5. @ John Allman

      I haven’t suggested that you did suggest that I was responsible for Apartheid.


      I told her straight: Apartheid had not been my fault. She accepted that. So should you.


      How have I benefitted from being white?

      You should read my previous comment and take time to consider it in all aspects. European colonialism and slavery are two prime examples . Start from these.

  2. I hear what you say David about “hideous Strength” and the idea perpetuated that using the term “cultural Marxism” means you have just gone “right wing” with the promotion of liberation from oppression through structures e.g. government, church and family so that deep desires can be realised.

    You say “surely that’s what the gospel is about” and then the answer coming that it is more like the serpent in the garden leading to freedom from God and becoming “god” being tyrannical, restricting and leading to untold misery e.g. Russian gulags.

    “Could our modern liberal democracies descend into that… you are just a conspiracy theorist”. Well interestingly enough I’ve had a conversation along not dissimilar lines in a church environment with a leader there who was dismissive in a not unlike way. I would offer that much of the church has been complicit with the zeitgeist, enough to make not attending church for some a better option in the interest of following Christ than attending.

    “Being a white male”, yes and again, a recent conversation with someone in a prominent position in a institution he has described in a private conversation of men in their 50s being “demonised”. He may risk his position in the college if his vies about this were to become public knowledge. You mention “deconstructing our lives and not replacing it with anything” yes, and a movement that states its core values to be to disrupt the nuclear family and de-fund the police is one example of that.

    You say “Jesus didn’t speak out against Marxism did he?” Right but he did say not to share pearls among swine or give what is sacred to dogs for pearls will be trampled on and you may be devoured in the process. Sounds not dissimilar to “cancel culture” doesn’t it?

    But then we have hope – truth sets you free and love never fails. And compassion, the love of God expressed in truth cannot fail. Everything else is temporary or as the apostle Paul called “momentary troubles”.

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