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Quantum 117 – Babylon Bee; Covid; the Boss; Transhomomisogny; Pope and Chalke; China; Dreams; Euthanasia; Decapitation; Pam Ayers; Mary Whitehouse;  California;  Life; Eric Bibb

This weeks Quantum has some of the usual items and some very unusual…

You can  listen to it here….

<iframe title=”Quantum 117 – Babylon Bee; Covid; the Boss; Transhomomisogny; Pope and Chalke; China; Dreams; Euthanasia; Decapitation; Pam Ayers; Mary Whitehouse;&nbsp; California;&nbsp; Life Eric Bibb” height=”400″ width=”400″ style=”border: none;” scrolling=”no” data-name=”pb-iframe-player” src=””></iframe&gt;

Here are some of the links.

Babylon Bee –  


2) Covid Crazy

Melbourne – the death of four South Australian babies and other

But with Melbourne under lockdown the distraught families of the infants were told that their children were not permitted to enter Victoria for the operations.

And SA Health was also of the view that the babies should remain in Adelaide for fear of exposing­ them to the virus in Victorian hospitals as they were immunocompromised.

The Boss


  Transhomomisogyny, The Pope and Steve Chalke  

“Transhomomisogyny is the converse of cisheteronormativity. If cisheteronormativity reflects the ways in which society rewards expressions of identity that conform to cisgender and heterosexual narratives, then transhomomisogyny reflects the ways society punishes all narratives straying from a cisheteropatriarchal supremacy.”

China –  is growing economically while the rest of the world declines.

6) Nathan Apocada  –

 Euthanasia – Euthanasia in Queensland –and the Netherlands allows for euthanising children. The decapitation of a teacher in France.

Pam Ayers –


Mary Whitehouse –[0]=18743&tl_period_type=3

We also look at

Life Life is a sexually transmitted disease – CDC

And we finish with this:

Quantum 116 – Circuit Breakers, Korean Yogurt Ladies, Amy, Jacinda, Hilary, and Lionel – and Cliff



  1. Excellent selection . Thank you.

    Mary Whitehouse stood for decency during the 1960’s Sexual Revolution , an event for which the decadent Weimar Republic was a swiftly (and thankfully) terminated dress rehearsal.

  2. Could we meet in after work, I was asked? Asking a queue outside the City’s only concert venue who it was for, she’d joined it and bought two tickets,for that night.
    We sat two rows from the front, far too close as it happens, and I was far to conspicuous in a suit. It was too loud at that proximity, with banks of loudspeakers a few feet away and nose hairs could be seen with a neck fixed, contorted upwards.
    But it was typical high energy sweaty stuff, mostly from his first two albums.
    An evening with my now wife and Springsteen, mid 1970’s, as we emerged, deafened, at the close, into the “Darkness on the Edge of Town.”
    I think he drifted in his middle career and I know little of his music now. But a lifetime of creativity is a gift to few.
    Nils Lofgren’s music was also good, in parts.
    ‘Still have some of their vinyl LP’s, being hi-fi buff’s (idolaters) of that era, with the, deck of deck’s from Scottish manufacturer Linn.

  3. Fleetwood Mac’s drummer , Mick , is a favourite of mine . He combines unstudied musicality with an impressive joy in keeping the beat and much else.

    Scotland produced excellent drummers in an earlier genre , mostly thanks to that Christian organisation , The Boys Brigade . About 1.31 along this video :

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