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Janet Parshall Show – Chalke and Complementarianism

This months ‘In the Market’ with Janet Parshall was largely an in-depth discussion on the Steve Chalke situation – looking at why it is so important – and a little look at complementarianism and the Shore school incident. 

You can listen to it here –

Janet Parshall Show -Hate Crime, Apostasy and China

This is a photo I took this morning on my walk round Artarmon reserve.



  1. Whenever I try to stand up for the gospel online the discussion always ends up arguing whether or not the God of the Bible exists. Only by establishing that can we Christians bring any power to our arguments. It’s a funnelling effect because, in my experience, every discussion along morality lines seems to go in that direction. If the Bible is right, it’s because God has inspired it, but if God does not exist, then the Bible can be considered irrelevant.

  2. Listened with interest.

    This is prevailing more and more in many mainstream churches.

    The rejection of complimentarianism as not only recorded in scripture, but very clearly set out in nature, is becoming widespread.

    Once we exchange the truth of creation for the lie of our own making, the ensuing confusion is inevitable.

    The manifestations in sexual confusion is not the cause, rather the consequence and symptoms of exchanging the truth for a lie, worship of creation not the creator.

    Our God is not mocked. What we sow in corruption we will reap. And the travesty will bring us back to the truth……of which the Gospel will continue to be the answer as it has for 2k years.

    Keep up the good work David.

    1. God exists, but the creation story in Genesis 1 and the creation story in Genesis 2, which contradict each other are not literally true and weren’t written to be considered science anyway, the idea of Eve being made from man using a rib is a clue. 97% of scientists reject creationism including intelligent design as pseudo-science but theistic evolution is very possible and biblical.

      1. David – you seem a little confused? Are you a scientist or theologian? Genesis 1 and 2 are not contradictory…..your 97% figure is made up…..and most people who believe in intelligent design would be theistic evolutionists. I suspect you are just repeating what you have heard from atheist websites…I would suggest you do some wider reading…

  3. Pope Francis has recognized human dignity for gay people and endorsed equal rights, according to the Gospel of John, Jesus was gay himself because he loved the beloved disciple. Perhaps that is why he had so much compassion for outcasts and not for the self-righteous and the false humility hypocrites.

    1. Frederick – your post is helpful because it indicates the desperation and irrationality of those who seek to push their own sexuality agenda – despite the evidence. Yes Jesus loved John – just as love my brother, sons and male friends – that doesn’t make me gay. What a bizarre and perverse notion of love you have. You are right about him not liking self-righteousness and false humility and hypocrisy. Have you looked in a mirror recently? You will find, as I did did, that all of us are guilty of that to some extent.

    2. Frederick,

      I’m sorry I had to laugh with your assumption that “Jesus way gay” with the reasoning you give for that “he loved the beloved disciple.”

      My father loved me when I was a child but that doesn’t make him guilty of incest and paedophilia.

      It really is silly to jump to conclusions like you just have and I would suggest not being swayed by prevailing dogma and ideology in order to prevent similar embarrassment for you in future.

  4. The current Pope’s latest heresy on gay civil unions indicates how easily time – honoured dogma can be cast aside when the Papacy is captured by Francis the Communist.

    Jesus said lots of things on a variety of subjects but as far as I know He did not mention homosexuality.

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