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The Kitchen Table 13 – Queer Rights and the Slippery Slope

This weeks Kitchen Table discusses a most incredible and revealing talk from Peter Tatchell


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  1. Thanks, guys! Right to the nub of things with this! Tell me – is Peter Tatchell a neo-Marxist or just a libertine? That is, does he use critical theory ‘purely’ to achieve the full Marxist agenda, or – as you seem to indicate, David – does he simply want the freedom to pursue erotica and beyond?

  2. David – thanks for this and bringing to awareness Peter Tatchel’s video.

    He asks “do we think that the model of marriage is the best framework for recognising relationships and if not what would be the one we would adopt?” Your response David was to say that this is showing where he would like it to go – destroying marriage, queer liberation as he makes it to be.

    Isn’t this part of a greater narrative, looking to destroy the structure of society with a combination of Marxist-Leninist ideology along with deconstructionist philosophy advocated by 20th century philosophers such as Derrida? Of course if everything can be deconstructed then nothing has meaning, and there is no purpose – which then leads to nihilism. And with nihilism there is no meaning and purpose to make the suffering in life that is inevitable worthwhile that therefore to prevent bitterness and resentment setting in.

    And there are cultures where sex between men and boys is normal. In North Pakistan, I am led to believe that status symbols for a man are an AK47 and a boy for sex. One suspects that the man has more of a say in that than the boy. If this boy were treated with the basic human right of holding it to be self evident that all are born with equality and dignity and should relate accordingly then would he be used in this way? I would be interested in what the human rights activist Peter Tatchel would have to say about that. Perhaps that’s something to ask him next time you share dinner with him David?

    Of course human rights can only say why there should be relating with equality and dignity and not why? I don’t know any other answer than all being created in the image of God to give a satisfactory response to that question.

    So yes marriage is a fundamental institution gluing society together. Why? Because there is meaning and purpose in it being a covenant that is a reflection of the covenant between God and humanity.

    Worshipping and serving of something that is created as in the Romans 1, being given over by God to that. Well – isn’t that God giving his judgement as if to say OK folks having it your own way and them him departing? And that is, it not the definition of hell – the absence of God.

    Peter Thatchel speak from a privileged position of being in a society to a large part for now has been built on a Judeo-Christian foundation and has been spared much of what is for many a living hell with what is “normative” in some cultures of the world to use a phrase he uses. Sure if you are powerful in those cultures you won’t be the ones who are suffering but what if you are not powerful? Would any one of us want to be the boy that has been taken to be a status symbol for a man in N. Pakistan? So he is selective in his view of such cultures.

    I don’t think he is a bad person I think his intentions are good but I don’t think he is aware of being treated as a “useful idiot” by powers that he appears to be oblivious to, just as those in Marxist Leninsm were regarded then sent to the gulags when they had past their sell by date of usefulness.

    We destroy or “deconstruct” God ordained institutions such as marriage at our peril. For the reasons and many more that you mention in the video David.

    And yes, justice and truth will prevail with love never failing!

  3. To think Peter Tatchell was raised in a Pentecostal family. The apple has fallen far from the tree.

  4. What a desolate future we have in store for us should the desires of Peter Tatchell, as explained by him in that video clip, be granted. There is every evidence of damage in what the man is saying. It is desperately sad and while the road may already be founded for it to be built upon, I cannot help thinking that therein its own seeds of destruction are laid also. Remember Micah!

    1 Alas for those who devise wickedness and evil deeds on their beds! When the morning dawns, they perform it, because it is in their power.

    2They covet fields, and seize them; houses, and take them away; they oppress householder and house, people and their inheritance.

    3Therefore, thus says the LORD: Now, I am devising against this family an evil from which you cannot remove your necks; and you shall not walk haughtily, for it will be an evil time.

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