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Are We Becoming More Extremist? Kitchen Table 7

The Kitchen Table this week looks at the question of extremism – on social media and elsewhere – which seems to be increasing in our culture.  We found an old 30 year old clip from John Cleese which is now doing the rounds again and we bring further light through Galatians 5!….It is remarkable….anyway here is the discussion…enjoy!


Now teaching Christian doctrine at a church school is ‘extremist’. Move over Monty Python.

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  1. ‘Extremist’ , in matters of race , applies only to White people, and constitutes the libelous, Marxist labelling of a European – descended person who possesses the audacious temerity to defend his cultural heritage and his family’s Ethnic/Genetic Interests.

  2. Not a comment on the subject, but just to say that Louis Palau mentioned you by name yesterday morning, during his daily morning short briefing. He spoke about you when you took a bus of 25 to Lairg to hear him evangelise, back in the day, and he also mentioned your ‘big’ Church’ later on!

  3. Hello David,

    Thanks for sharing this weeks kitchen table. It certainly does seem that politically the power is at the extremes at the moment. I do like the John Cleese clip and I agree with Steve about it being prophetic. I’m not sure if it would make it on to any mainstream broadcast however at the moment or if instead it might be brought down by complains from people who are “triggered” – you know the “complainers and faultfinders?” (Jude 1:16).

    But yes it is a lot easier to apportion blame to “the other” but even if what is said about “them” is true, it doesn’t bring about a solution and anyone sitting back and feeling good about themselves for “calling out” someone is being about as useful as a chocolate fireguard when it comes the being part of a resolution.

    So yes in Christ it it possible, I think to bridge a gap where there is difference and Paul’s pastoral letters of course have a thread of this running though them as a theme.

    So I thought Steve’s question was interesting about how to be moderate but not boring. I like your respense wiht the salt and light, with salt preserving what is good and bringing a beneficial presence with light showing what is useful and the way. And then to Galatians 5 with what you described as beautiful David, the contract between light and dark.

    Just finally with a word about the kingdom of God. The kingdom suffers violence and violent men take hold of it (Matt 11). And we know that prophets have a great rewards in the kingdom. So in the midst of all this good stuff about Christianity there also is, is there not the cost to weigh up – sharing the sufferings of Christ?

    To be prophetic and to welcome a prophet means to get a prophets reward. And what’s that? Well, the beatitudes tell us that great is your reward in the kingdom but what accompanies it is a cost – to be hated by all men. And given that the kingdom does suffer violence it takes dangerous men (and women) to further it. When scripture says “blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth” meek in this sense is not timid and passive but powerful and dangerous but being in obedience to Jesus and it being the love of God that determines thoughts and actions.

    And in a world where there are extremes and tribal adversity, a powerful dangerous message of love in word and deed is sure to stand out – to be light.

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