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Racism – Is Christianity the Cause or the Cure?

This past weekend has seen me take part in three events – all of which ended up having a direct application to societies current issues with racism.

On Sunday I spoke at Rosebay Presbyterian Church on the subject of “Racism – Is Christianity the cause or the cure?”   I found the Q and A fascinating and enlightening. You can watch it here.


Then on Monday morning I did an hour long Q and A on Vision Radio – a major Christian radio station in Australia.

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The Bible on Race Relations – David Robertson (City Bible Forum – Third Space) – 29 Jun 2020.

You can get the show by clicking the link – https://vision.org.au/radio/20twenty-podcasts/

If you don’t have time to listen to the whole show – go to the last caller who was a wonderful Aboriginal woman from Western Australia.  I found her testimony to be really moving.

Finally, on Monday evening we had Cafe Online with Ray Galea…  It was a great night which beautifully showed how the Gospel is the answer to racism.

10 Christian Responses to Racism – Premier Christianity


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