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Quantum 100 – The New Cultural Revolution

This is the 100th edition of Quantum.   We are looking at a vital theme – the New Cultural Revolution which is sweeping the Western World.

We begin with the bizarre request from the English Rugby Union and Prince Harry to remove Swing Low Sweet Chariot.  The story of how that became the English Rugby anthem is told here.


Why have the murders in Reading not been reported properly?

IS there such a think as left wing racism?

Album no. 6 Abba –

What is the Woke vision of the future?

A shocking revelation about State approved paedophilia in Berlin.


There is fog on the Tyne as the Newcastle City Leadershows us how the new Cultural Revolution leads to intolerance.

And we this extraordinary storyfrom Oakland, California.

You think London is the most ‘liberal, progressive, non religious part of the UK?  Think again….More Londoners are religious. 

The New Cultural Revolution rewrites history….and biology.

The Body Shop – “Here is why we reached out to J. K Rowling. We stand with all menstruators. People have periods, men, women and non-binary people. “

Dame Vera Lynn


Quantum 99 – A hero; BLM preachers; Chinese ducks; New Zealand rugby; North Korea; France; China; India; Cancel Culture; Spongebob; Abortion; Leonard Cohen



  1. Here’s anathema to Cultural Revolution , that is to say , the cultural appropriation by a White girl of Black compositional originality :

  2. ” ….People have periods, men, women and non-binary people. “

    Really? Well, this could explain why I have been experiencing stomach cramps and feeling irritable for the past two days? Or …. it could also be the extra hot homegrown chilli I put on my veggie burger on Wednesday evening.

    Ark. ( Still pretty sure I’m a man)

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