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Quantum 99 – A hero; BLM preachers; Chinese ducks; New Zealand rugby; North Korea; France; China; India; Cancel Culture; Spongebob; Abortion; Leonard Cohen

This weeks Quantum covers a lot of subjects….

We start with good news – a real hero – two BLM preachers  –    China sends ducks to Pakistan  to eat the locusts.  A full rugby stadium in New Zealand. 

Screenshot 2020-06-19 06.19.26

We move to the Premier League footballersinvolvement in politics – the good and the bad.

In other world news tensions rise in Korea;  Riots in France;  China and India, Covid 19 and destroying crosses;  Zoom censoring Chinese protesters;

Cancel culture has got Cleese…

Nicolodeon tells us that Spongebob Squarepants is gay.

Oxford demeans black students by lowering their requirement for exams because of George Floyd!

In the UK a drunk man goes to jail for urinating near a statue but an Islamic teacher is spared jail despite sexually abusing an 11 year old.

The Highest Death Toll – And Its Enablers

“Not all of Christianity can be proved, but some of it can, and none of it can be disproved.” Peter Kreeft

Online Cafe 1 – Did Jesus Exist?


Quantum 98 – American Police; Statues; Cancel Culture; Stella Creasy; Ben and Jerrys; JK Rowling; India and China; Bob Dylan; Tim Keller; The Irish Blessing







  1. Excellent David! may I ask if there is a written transcript available of your podcast please


  2. “People of colour”??? Really? Is that actually acceptable these days? Many years ago (1980s?) I was teaching about Ethnic Minorities in the USA (part of the Higher Modern Studies syllabus) and I used the term ‘coloured people’. Immediately a pupil of Asian extraction objected to me using the term ‘coloured people’. Well, I had no desire to use terms which are not regarded as acceptable so I asked her what term I should use instead. She told me ‘black people’. That left me a little perplexed so I asked her what term I should use for people like herself. (Surely, ‘black people’ did not apply to her.) But, no, I was to use the term ‘black people’ for all ethnic minorities.

    Incdentally, isn’t it wonderful that all Premier League footballers are going to display ‘CLM’ on the shirts. CLM = Christian Lives Matter. Ah, well, one can but dream.

  3. With Ronald J Tacelli, Peter Kreeft wrote a book called ‘A Handbook of Christian Apologetics’. It examines such things as the existence of God, God’s nature, creation and evolution, miracles, the Resurrection, from the viewpoint of reason. It looks at the rational arguments in favour of the Christian viewpoint. It then looks at counter-arguments from the opponents of Christianity and looks at the arguments against these counter-arguments. All the doctrines examined in this book are common to both Catholics and traditional Protestants (those following the magisterial Protestant Reformers). A later edition (‘A Handbook of Catholic Apologetics’ covers the same ground and adds in some extra chapter defending specifically Catholic doctrines from the viewpoint of reason.)
    It is possibly a bit impolite to mention Peter Kreeft’s background on this website but anybody interested can look it up.

  4. Thanks for this. It’s sad that our mainstream media is so censored these days- there’s so much we don’t hear about.

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